Thursday, August 11, 2005

Party like its ... 9/11 !!!

This is in really poor taste. Of all the things 9/11 should mean, none of them are a party.

Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld announced yesterday that the Pentagon will celebrate -- and really, there's no other word for it -- the fourth anniversary of 9/11 with a country music concert and an 'America Supports You Freedom Walk.'


nffcnnr said...

Sickening Soviet-Style Propaganda. Where do i get my jack boots and pretty armband?

Polly said...

you can find it at:

Dr. Geekos said...


It is really close to Soviet-Style Propaganda or to this German Democratic Republic - Propaganda.

How can a country have such a noble picture of itself - that is so fucking ridiculous .

Dr. Wagner said...
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Dr. Wagner said...

This seemed rather appropriate, given the climate of current discussion.