Saturday, August 30, 2008

NO Packages Today

Someone is having a bad day at work. Happy Labor Day!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The New GOP VP Nominee! Updated TWICE for Your Gossipy Needs!

Overheard today from people i like to consider smarter than the average bear:

ok, here are the notes from earlier:

She's DOA. People are scoffing around the politic-arati and you wonder...why?

Why? Because she's gone on record as saying that creationism should
be taught in schools.

Because her ads for governor featured Ted Stevens.

Because she's been involved in her own steadily growing scandal in
Alaska for the past three months, damning her in her own state--losing
the thousands of excited Republicans she had behind her originally.
(It involves using the governor's office to attack a cop--a
cop!--because he happened to once be married to her sister).

Because she's from a state with the fewest electoral votes IN THE
COUNTRY--three. Less than Mississippi, y'all. She's tied with Maine
and Montana. Three is the set minimum (hotly contested Penn. has 21).

Because Alaska has been rated as "trending Blue" towards Barack
anyway--in part because of the horrifying corruption of Stevens and
the growing disenchantment with Palin, who recently endorsed Barack's
energy plan as a sop to the huge environmental factions in Alaska.

Because 1 1/2 years ago, she was the PART TIME MAYOR OF A VILLAGE OF
6,000 PEOPLE.

Because Kay Bailey Hutchinson just said "I don't know much about her."

Because they're already calling her Geraldine Quayle.

Because she's only been to the Mainland a few times.

Because McCain's "lack of experience" attack on Obama is now off the table.

Because potatoe.

Because Trig, Willow, Bristol, and Piper are all shitty names. poor kids.

Because she won't be able to find Georgia on a map, let alone bust
Biden's chops over it.


She ain't rich.
I say she's a hotter Harriet Miers. Her qualifications seem to be a uterus and a governership. I'm not saying she's terrible, but if you built your campaign around "he's not tested and ready to lead" then, she ain't the one.

as of 6pm today i have not seen any new press reports, but ...if they aren't giving her a hard time, It's Christmas in August. Don't get me wrong. she's not terrible. I'm not either...but if Obama picked me, he'd catch hell too.

UPDATE (the headlines):

VETTING PALIN: McCain Only Met Palin Once... Palin: What Exactly Does The VP Do Everyday?... McCain Spokeswoman: I Have No Idea What McCain's Relationship Is With Palin...

This is about to get "not-pretty."


Kreepy televangelist and McGod profiteer Dr. Dobson declares...

Dobson: 'I Would Pull that Lever'...

kreepy bastard.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I Met My Childhood Sports Hero!

I got to meet Dale Murphy, my baseball hero, tonight at the game! I even caught a baseball at the game and got him to sign it! Awesome!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh I Like This

Oh, i like this! Time Magazine seems to think Mitt Romney is about to be named McCain's VP pick.
This is more than just a little great if it is coming out.

1. McCain doesn't like him
2. Evangelicals don't trust him because he basically switched to 'their side' when he decided to run for president.
3. If this is about to break it screws the PRIMO news cycle he had coming.

See, after the olympics the Dem convention is gonna saturate the news. lots of room for gaffs with the clintons and no need to introduce anything new. it won't be helpful. BUT when they finish
the time allows them a late week reveal of the VP, a prolonged stretch through the weekend to make news over the VP pick and start hitting on weaknesses that develop out of the convention. Next you have the GOP convention to further dominate the news cycle. this would not only step on Obama's post convention bump, but prolong McCain's.

...that is, unless the story is breaking now. heh. I hope they are that stupid. i don't think they are, this makes me think 'false alarm'. However, this is the 'regular guy' that couldn't answer the question "how many houses do you and your wife own?"

Yeah, good thing he isn't an elitist like Obama. going to school on student loans because he's so rich. yeah. exactly.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

OK, this made my weekend.

if you ever watch the Oscars and see someone win the "best editing" award, you might think "what do they do?" While this isn't a movie, this some GREAT editing. plus it is very fun. Thanks Dr. Wagner.

Friday, August 15, 2008

I Like Penn and Teller

I also REALLY like Sleight of Hand. i don't practice it, but i should. i like the idea of it and i like it even metaphorically. Watch this video and you can see pretty well how everything works. its really good.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

RIP Isaac Hayes Dead at 65

I thought it was a bit off to see Bernie Mac died a couple of days ago. Now Isaac Hayes? Evidently he collapsed on his treadmill. no news as to the cause of death. I was thinking he was in pretty good health. He will be sorely missed, as his music, particularly his writing while at STAX, was pretty formative in my earliest musical memories.

Pineapple Express Opens this Weekend

...and I give it a B-. Maybe a C+. I like all the people involved in the movie and expected to really like it. I chuckled all through it. I also am glad that I saw it at the Matinee. I'd go so far as to say that i probably couldn't tell you a funny/memorable scene from it 10 days from now. not a bad movie but pretty forgettable.

See it if you were interested in it. if you weren't positive, wait for HBO.

Monday, August 04, 2008

So your Baby needs a new diaper

In target this is the men's room changing station. After seeing this I decided to document the sights during my shopping for the evening. Enjoy!

How do YOU spell PARTY?

This, i thought, was an interesting way to sell turkey burgers.

Value packed or packed with value?

Go for value, get the big one!

Fresh bread, from the old south!

This is my prefered White Bread.

Have you seen this?

Evidently there IS a style particular to New Jersey. I've seen these photos before. I'm STILL not completely sure what i'm looking at here.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Local Suppor Running...thin?

In Mississippi, the premiere summer political event is the Neshoba County Fair. Politicians from local mayors to Ronald Reagan have come to the fair to speak. This year was no different.

well, sorta. This year, it seems one of the most decent Republicans fielded in years, John McCain, didn't have enough support to muster A SIGN AT THE WHOLE FAIRGROUNDS. that's pretty unheard of in an election year. The GOP feels he isn't one of them and he will likely lose now, appealing to the very low road constituents that really hate this man.

I feel bad for him.

Not because i think/hope he will lose, but because he knows the company he keeps demands the most loathesome of characters and he's had to try to taint his own character to be the brand of degenerate they've come to expect. 8 years of ebracing the the division and shaming of America is hard for all of us to overcome. IT has gotten to the point where these poor souls don't know how to react when they don't get to embrace a shameful standard they've come to accept as proper and desirable. I think the world may be done with its bleeding.

Leeches prayers for hate are not medicine.