Thursday, May 31, 2007

For $350 you can help a needy jew get to israel

I was watching TV in a hotel tonight. actually, it was just in the background, when i heard the phrase above. I watched this infomercial, basically raising money to get jews to Israel. it was just really bizarre. funniest part? they made a big deal that you could help a jew get to israel for $350, but--now get this--you can get TWO jews to Israel for a mere $700. At that price, it's two for the price of TWO! yeah!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Morgue Data Show Increase In Sectarian Killings in Iraq

OK, here's what we have to consider:
since the surge, there are now more dead US soldiers. not just in total number, but in the rate that they are occurring.
Pairing that with the link above, you can see the sectarian violence/civil war is getting more and more deadly. this a failure of the 'surge' policy, or is this the natural result when violent people come in conflict with an increased military/law enforcing presence?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What an Approprite Way to Go

If you haven't heard, Jerry Falwell died today.

...of a bowel obstruction.

In an attempt to overcome the worst in my nature, i will limit my comments to that above.

A Residual Problem

When you attack nations that have no WMD's (Claiming they do), and avoid nations that actually HAVE WMD's, the message becomes clear. Get WMDs for real and you won't be attacked. Iran appears to have figured out how to properly enrich uranium.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Breaking News!

It appears that I may be on the CBS Evening news (Friday?) for my work with children trying to get medicaid coverage (and our resulting high infant mortality rate). more later...

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Ladies and Gentlemen, we have hit bottom. at least 6 months ago i predicted that Bush would never dip lower in the polls than 28%. We've not hit that basement. at the time I felt that no matter how bad or inept it got, this president would still enjoy a minimal amount of blind devotion that has been cultivated for the last 15 or so years. While even that has its limits, i saw (and see) 28% as the limit. If there is any substantive drop in approval from this point, it will be more than just trouble for the president. If there is a real drop paired with a serious revelation of wrongdoing or real heinous activity...if that pair appears, you can expect serious talk of impeachment.