Friday, April 28, 2006

Barbour helped company implicated in election dirty tricks - The Clarion-Ledger

During the 2004 election, the GOP set up an operation in New Hampshire (a swing state) to 'jam' democratic campaign offices with phone calls. Basically, they used an electronic set-up to bombard democratic party telephone lines. This was done to cripple their election day activities (imagine running a modern statewide campaign without telephones). A week ago, it was revealed that the people found guilty of this crime were in constant contact with the White House while conducting this felony. Now it is revealed that Miss. Governor Haley Barbour helped with the funding and establishment of the group that commited these crimes.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Committed to Conservation

This is funny. GOP Speaker of the House leaves his Energy Conservatoin photo-op in a hybrid...only to ditch it around the corner for his SUV! Now that's commitment! Using a hybrid to drive whole...yards away from the scene!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Bush's new Chief of Staff (Josh Bolten) collects photos.
Of President Bush.
Actually, of his hands.

um...I think Bush's real problem with his administration is his own addiction to sycophants.

Monday, April 24, 2006

32% and clinging to an anvil: Bush's approval ratings slide to new low - Apr 24, 2006 - Bush's approval ratings slide to new low - Apr 24, 2006: "WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush's approval ratings have sunk to a personal low, with only a third of Americans saying they approve of the way he is handling his job, a national poll released Monday said."

I don't know if this is true...

Several prominent Republicans in the House and Senate have urged President Bush to replace Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld as part of an administration shakeup.
But i hope Rummy stays on for at least another 6 and a half months! Stand by your man, SHRUB!

Some are Finally Getting Onboard

April 24 (Bloomberg) -- Representative Bob Inglis, a South Carolina Republican, says he ``pooh-poohed'' global warming until he trekked to the South Pole in January.

``Now, I think we should be concerned,'' says Inglis, who heads the U.S. House Science Research subcommittee. ``There are more and more Republicans willing to stop laughing at climate change who are ready to get serious about reclaiming their heritage as conservationists.''

U.S. companies including General Electric Co. and Duke Energy Corp. have come out in support of national limits on carbon dioxide and other greenhouse-gas emissions that scientists say contribute to global warming. They are now being joined by Republican lawmakers who have parted company with President George W. Bush on the issue.

In addition to Inglis, who says he saw evidence of heat- trapping gases in the atmosphere during his trip to Antarctica, the list includes Senators Pete Domenici of New Mexico, the chairman of the chamber's Energy Committee; Mike DeWine of Ohio; and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, as well as Representative Jim Leach of Iowa.

``Resistance to action on climate change is crumbling,'' says Reid Detchon, an Energy Department official under former President George H.W. Bush who is now head of energy and climate at the United Nations Foundation. ``The business community has a number of prominent leaders arguing for action, and the science on climate change becomes clearer and more inescapable by the day.''
You know, just because hunters and fishermen liked to call themselves conservative and it makes sense to be 'conservationists'...well, that doesn't mean that Being a conservationist is Conservative. it shouldn't be liberal or conservative in the first place. despite that, conservatives have been almost EXCLUSIVELY among the groups fighting against environmental protection. Seriously, are there any liberal, anti-environmental groups? (yes, i know there are a few conservative conservationists, but to call this a 'conservative tradition' or to imply that they were in any significant numbers at any point in history is a bit off) Anyone, please feel free to cite any examples to the contrary. i may need my memory refreshed.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I Completely Stole This...

From Tom Tomorrow. He does one of the Finest Comics in the land (a few i've posted here) called This Modern World. Anyway, ponder this. He claims this is all the Dems need to show for their campaign for November:

Gas Prices:

Oil Company Profits:

Campaign Contributions:

ANY pattern here at all?

Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Treason by association

This story is worth reading. Below you can see a small taste of what's in here:

"Recently, close Bush ally, Republican Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, was found by investigators to have leaked highly sensitive, classified information to Fox News' Carl Cameron and CNN's Dana Bash while Shelby served on the Senate Intelligence Committee -- an unauthorized and serious leak which, for some odd reason, the Bush Justice Department refused to prosecute. No Bush followers, at least that I know of, objected to the decision to allow Sen. Shelby to leak with impunity...
Ok, now think about this. the administration is ready to BUST the CIA agents and even the press that take/use leaks...but...BOY there's a few that they don't mind leaking...just depends on WHICH classified info is coming out, right?

"BUT POLLY!!" you say.
"WHY didn't they go to the Senate Ethics Committee with this?!"

Well, you see, that committee is chaired by Pat Roberts, and he's not gonna see ya walk in the door. he's too busy turning his head to look the other way...
"Two witnesses interviewed by the FBI in its probe of classified information leaked from a joint congressional inquiry in 2002 say they are very concerned about cooperating with a Senate Ethics Committee review of the matter because Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) has not recused himself from the review--(read here)"

Friday, April 21, 2006

From Florida


HOLY CRAP Part 36: Rice Allegedly Leaked Defense Info

The Washington Post Reports:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice leaked national defense information to a pro-Israel lobbyist in the same manner that landed a lower-level Pentagon official a 12-year prison sentence, the lobbyist's lawyer said Friday.

Prosecutors disputed the claim.

The allegations against Rice came as a federal judge granted a defense request to issue subpoenas sought by the defense for Rice and three other government officials in the trial of Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman. The two are former lobbyists with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee who are charged with receiving and disclosing national defense information.
So it looks like Sec. of State Rice will have to testify under oath about whether or not she was handing out state secrets to lobbyists. i guess its only ok when they do it, right? isn't that how it goes?

Now think about this. today a CIA employee was fired for revealling that the US runs a series of secret prisons around the world in which they detain people outside of the rule of normal law. This begs the question: just what does a CIA employee do when he knows the agency is violating the law and the constitution? are they above the law?

I'm Sure You Saw This Already

This doesn't look too good.

While i'm not China's biggest fan, this isn't exactly being on top of your game.

[The NY Times via Huffington Post]: today reported that Chinese officials were outraged over the White House accrediting a reporter who screamed at Mr. Hu from the stands, and mistakenly referring to China by the name of its archrival Taiwan. Adding insult to injury, here’s a picture of Vice President Dick Cheney sleeping during Mr. Hu’s press conference.
I really did like the journalist that couldn't hold back her emotions and had to let loose on Mr. Hu.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Rolling Stone : The Worst President in History?

This is the Rolling Stone cover story that's been getting a lot of press lately. it views the presidency through the historians lens. i found it facinating and not at all another 'BOY don't you hate bush too!?' rag. click and read. its not as long as it looks (what are those 5 inch margins?)

FOX Poll: Gloomy Economic Views; Bush Approval at New Low - 33%

How bad is it? Did you realize that they tossed McClellan (clearly a good move for bush) BEFORE they had a replacement. seems things are bad enough for them they couldn't wait.

So Which is It.

Chicago Sun Times: Robert Novak said Wednesday that special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald knows who outed a CIA agent to the Chicago Sun-Times columnist but hasn't acted on the information because Novak's source committed no crime.

OK, that means one of two things, as i see it. Either leaking Valerie Plame's name wasn't illegal because she had no protected/covert/secret status to violate OR the person revealing her identity could do so legally.

Unless there is something the world is just blind to seeing, i say the first proposition is wrong. That second proposition leads us back to a week or 2 ago with the President declassifying materials for his own political purposes. I say the story will go like this: The Pres. or the VP leaked the info and thus 'de facto' declassified it thus, 'not breaking the law'. OR they 'declassified' it so that someone ELSE under them could leak this now 'declassified' info to use as ammo against Joe Wilson. the pattern seems pretty clear from what was revealed last week about the Pres/VP's activities. This is also the only thing that really jibes with what Bob Novak says (and he should know the details of how this went down).

You heard it here first.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


VIDEO of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars RE-ENACTORS.

Cheap Gas

My Pal sent me this today. click above. enter your zip code. it gives you the map of your area w/ the cheapest gas prices listed!

Um...I hope you don't go to jail....

Wanna see someone 'tagging' airforce one. click above.

McClellan Leaves White House Press Office - Yahoo! News

This is a wise move:

McClellan Leaves White House Press Office - Yahoo! News: "WASHINGTON - White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove is giving up his policy portfolio and press secretary Scott McClellan is resigning, continuing a shakeup in President Bush's administration that has already yielded a new chief of staff.

A senior administration official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the president had not yet made the announcement, said Wednesday that Rove is giving up oversight of policy development to focus more on politics with the approach of the fall midterm elections."

I mean this in all objectivity. McClellan has lost all credibility with the Presidential Press Corp. I tend not to blame him for this as his job is to carry the administration line to the press. that being said, he's been given the impossible job of being the one to deliver CLEAR mis-statements of fact AND their subsequent public disproval. When the President's voice isn't being believed anymore, you HAVE to change the voice.

As for Rove, its the same thing i say about MS Governor Haley Barbour. Running a campaign is not the same thing as running the government. A constant campaign of spin and political massaging does not work in lieu of actual successful policies.

Will this be the Modern Curfew?

Sprint/Nextel (for $9.95 a month) will allow you to monitor the movement of your child's cell phone through its GPS capabilities. oh, and HEY! abusive spouses! just THINK of the possibilities!

You Ain't the Boss of Me!

Here's your president, people:

Reporter: What do you say to the critics who believe that you are ignoring the advice of retired generals and military commanders who say there needs to be a change?

Bush: I say I listen to all voices but mine's the final decision and Don Rumsfeld is doing a fine job. He's not only transforming the military, he's fighting a war on terror - He's helping us fight a war on terror. I have strong confidence in Don Rumsfeld. I hear the voices and I read the front page and I know the speculation but I'm the decider and I decide what is best and what's best is for Don Rumsfeld to remain as the Secretary of defense.
Jesus. 'I'm the decider'?! i couldn't tell if this was his take on 'you aren't the boss of me!' OR He's trying to confirm he works hard WITH Rumsfeld to ignore all sound advice. over and over. Me? i like how he calls himself the 'decider' then explains just what that means. Thank god, since we're all 3 years old and don't know these big words.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 Tells You What Happened


Iran announced that it had successfully produced low-grade
enriched uranium; to celebrate, men in traditional dress
danced with uranium samples. The Iranian government also
promised to give $50 million to the Palestinian Authority,
now controlled by Hamas, which let it be known that it
would recognize Israel's right to exist if the Jewish state
were to withdraw from the entire West Bank, East Jerusalem,
and Gaza. A suicide bomber killed nine people at a falafel
restaurant in Tel Aviv, and in Sri Lanka bomb attacks by
Tamil rebels killed 16 people. At least five U.S. soldiers
were killed in Iraq, and a car bombing in Baquba killed
27 people. Some Iraqis were changing their names to avoid
being identified as either Sunni or Shiite. "[I] don't want
my children to die," said the Shiite father of Ali, Hassan,
and Fatima, "just because of their names." Close to 65,000
Iraqis had fled their homes to avoid sectarian violence,
and six former U.S. generals called for Secretary of
Defense Donald Rumsfeld to resign. It was reported that
Rumsfeld was "personally involved" in the torture of
Guantanamo Bay detainee Mohamed al-Qahtani, who was
made to perform "dog tricks"; Rumsfeld was allegedly
briefed on the progress of al-Qahtani's interrogations
by phone. Vice President Dick Cheney, who will receive
a $1.9 million refund on his 2005 taxes, was booed at a
Washington Nationals baseball game, where he threw out
the first pitch. "I have never, ever," said one fan,
"heard anyone get booed like that man." Peace activist
William Sloane Coffin and author Muriel Spark died, and
Tiger Woods apologized for calling himself a spaz.

Officials in Afghanistan said that 41 Taliban and six
police officers had been killed in fighting in the
Helmand province; a Taliban spokesman claimed 15 Afghan
police and one Taliban were killed. It was revealed that
the U.S. military had mounted a propaganda campaign,
targeting Iraq and the United States, intended to make
Abu Muab al-Zarqawi, the Jordanian leader (or possibly
former leader) of Al Qaeda in Iraq, appear more powerful
than he is. One document describing the campaign
was called "Villainize Zarqawi/leverage xenophobia
response." A poll found that 63 percent of Americans
were "absolutely certain" of the physical resurrection
of Jesus Christ. Other polls found: that 55 percent of
Americans want a Massachusetts-style health care law;
that 52 percent of Americans would give up some tax
deductions for a simpler tax code; that 51 percent of
Americans oppose gay marriage (the same percentage that
thinks illegal immigrants mostly contribute to American
society); and that 46 percent of Americans use profanity
more than twice a week. Further polls found that 90 percent
of Americans believe their peers are too fat, but only
40 percent believe they are too fat themselves, and that
nearly three quarters of 10- to 13-year-old Americans
like quesadillas. Sixty-two percent of Mexicans polled
agreed that the United States is wealthy because it
exploits others.

An audit found that FEMA misspent at least $1 billion in
the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and theater programs
for the deaf, operating on a shoestring, were trying to
figure out who in Congress cut their $2 million in federal
funding in December 2004. In Italy, Bernardo Provenzano,
also called The Tractor, the alleged head of the Italian
mafia, was arrested near Corleone in Sicily. Prime Minister
Silvio Berlusconi refused to admit that he had lost his
seat to Romano Prodi; Prodi urged Berlusconi to admit
defeat. Roger Toussaint, the head of the Transport Workers
Union in New York City, was sentenced to 10 days in jail
for leading a transit strike in December 2005. In Athens,
Georgia, several agents from the Bureau of Alcohol,
Tobacco, and Firearms briefly detained a University
of Georgia student who was dressed as a ninja. "Seeing
someone with something across the face," said a special
agent, "from a federal standpoint--that's not right." The
student said he was leaving a pirate vs. ninja event. In
London, a woman's skeletal remains were found two years
after her death, propped in front of a still-on TV. "I
did notice a kind of rotten smell," said a neighbor,
"but the bins downstairs are strong and the stairwells
smell with junkies." Former Illinois Governor George Ryan
was convicted of racketeering, and in Purcell, Oklahoma,
a man named Kevin Ray Underwood was arrested for killing
a 10-year-old girl named Jamie Rose Bolin. "I chopped her
up," he told police. "Regarding a potential motive," said
a police chief, "this appears to have been part of a plan
to kidnap a person, rape them, torture them, kill them, cut
off their head, drain the body of blood, rape the corpse,
eat the corpse, then dispose of the organs and bones." The
police also announced that they had removed skewers and
a meat tenderizer from Underwood's apartment. Researchers
in Africa discovered a catfish that stretches out of the
water to eat land animals, Prince Albert of Monaco reached
the North Pole, and scientists in Britain found that human
fetuses cannot feel pain.

-- Paul Ford

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just click the "sources" button in the top right corner.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Those Pesky Mobile WMD Labs

You know, i've heard for a while that Congress knew everything the President knew in the build up to war. i wonder just when (if ever) the White House told them that the "mobile labs" weren't mobile labs at all. If they were up front with congress they should be able to list a clear set of dates when they began to notify Congress that their intelligence was bogus.

My guess? never.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sharp Cop

OK, i can't describe this any better than did:

Woe is Carl Bordelon, a police officer for the town of Ball, La. His dashboard camera captured (below) his questioning of Richard Lee McNair, 47, on Wednesday. Earlier that same day, McNair had escaped from a federal penitentiary at nearby Pollock, La., reportedly hiding in a prison warehouse and sneaking out in a mail van. Bordelon, on the lookout, stopped McNair when he saw him running along some railroad tracks. What follows is a chillingly fascinating performance from McNair, who manages to remain fairly smooth and matter-of-fact while tripping up Bordelon. The officer notices that the guy matches the description of McNair -- who was serving a life sentence for killing a trucker at a grain elevator in Minot, N.D., in 1987 -- observes that he looked like he'd "been through a briar patch" and had to wonder why he would choose appalling heat (at least according to that temperature gauge in the police car) to go running, without any identification, on a dubious 12-mile run. But he doesn't notice when McNair changes his story -- he gives two different names (listen for it) -- and eventually, Bordelon bids him farewell, saying: "Be careful, buddy." McNair remains on the loose. (Note: Video is more than eight minutes long but worth it.)
click and watch.

Gun Safety.

This is worth a look. DEA agent Lee Paige teaching gun safetly. about 40 seconds into it, he utters the faithful words:

"I'm the only one, in this room, professional enough to carry a Glock 40."
As the video ends, you can see the kids get notably worried when he wants to show another gun.

Gun Safety.

This is worth a look. DEA agent Lee Paige teaching gun safetly. about 40 seconds into it, he utters the faithful words:

"I'm the only one, in this room, professional enough to carry a Glock 40."
As the video ends, you can see the kids get notably worried when he wants to show another gun.

What They Knew and When They Knew It.

For a few years now, Sec. of State Colin Powell has stated he regretted his testimony before the UN concerning the war in Iraq. We all knew he had doubts about what he was saying. As it turns out, there may have been more than just doubt.

The Huffington Post sums this story up perfectly:

May 27, 2003: Pentagon Memo To Admin.: Iraq Trailers Not WMDs...
May 29,2003: Bush: "We Have Found Weapons Of Mass Destruction."
At some point we have to stop talking about 'cherry-picking' information that's helpful to the President's pet war. We have to start talking about information that shows the Presdent willfully ignored the facts that got in the way.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

For Those Who Missed it...

La Federala's Birthday Bash was Saturday night! there was great food and a great turnout. Now, despite months of preperation, she is officially 'old'.

like me.


Sunday, April 09, 2006

I bought Fahrenheit 9/11 on DVD today

Here's my favorite bit of trivia for Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004):

Ray Bradbury, author of 'Fahrenheit 451', has voiced his displeasure at Michael Moore appropriating the title of his book and films. Ray Bradbury is the author of 'Beyond 1984' and 'Another Tale of Two Cities'.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Senate Ethics Committee To Meet In New Ethics Committee Mansion

The Onion - America's Finest News Source:

WASHINGTON, DC—In the wake of several major lobbying scandals, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics announced Tuesday that it will hold a special series of intensive sessions inside its recently completed 200-room Ethics Mansion.

A Few Thoughts on the Bush Leaks...

2 posts below, you can find some great observations by my pal Hud on the Bush leaks. On of the defenses that'll be (and has already popped up) that Bush didn't leak any classified info bc when the Pres. discloses such information he ACTUALLY HAS DECLASSIFIED it. Outside of the prima facia weakness of this argument, it (to me) outlines the weakness of the president's position if this is all they end up having for an argument.

Hud points out that the attempts to declassify this for certain people's (politically supportive) consumption is more like a leak than a declassification of information for the public. I'd go a little bit further. IF this was a legit declassification, why no effort to clear that up by the president? why no public pose against any leaking in his administration and a declaration to fire anyone leaking? why not interrupt prosecutor fitzgerald's criminal investigation of the matter to explain he's barking up the wrong tree, if all that stuff was indeed declassified (hence, no crime)? why this need to 'get to the bottom' of these leaks and faux anger over the notion?

it is clear. the President and VP purposely released classified information for their own political gain in the approach of a new election. they lied to cover it up and people are going to jail for their lies. No two ways about it.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Asleep at the Wheel??

How does this news break and the President doesn't get asked ONE question about it!?! Hell I WAS ASKED ABOUT IT, and i'm not the President!!!

Think Progress » White House Press Corps Fails to Ask McClellan About Bush’s Authorization of Leak: "When the White House press corps had an opportunity this morning to ask Press Secretary Scott McClellan questions, they didn’t ask him about it. At 9:30AM, on route to Bush’s speech in North Carolina, reporters asked McClellan about immigration, terrorism, Katrina and Iran. But there wasn’t a single question about President Bush authorizing Scooter Libby to share highly classified information with reporters."


Seriously. is this Presidential Treason?

[National Journal]: Vice President Dick Cheney's former chief of staff has testified that President Bush authorized him to disclose the contents of a highly classified intelligence assessment to the media to defend the Bush administration's decision to go to war with Iraq, according to papers filed in federal court on Wednesday by Patrick J. Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor in the CIA leak case.

Libby testified to a federal grand jury that he had received "approval from the President through the Vice President" to divulge portions of a National Intelligence Estimate.

So is Karl Rove innocent? was it the PRESIDENT giving up CIA agents in order to get some political cover? I've no time to comment any further. I am beyond shocked here. I expected the VP's hands to be dirty, but i never expected bush to be doing this dirty work himself. I'm speechless. yopu read the article and tell me what you think.

Monday, April 03, 2006

How's that Criminal Case Going?

Couldn't happen to a nicer jackass.

Exclusive: Tom DeLay Says He Will Give Up His Seat -- The embattled former Republican leader tells TIME that he will leave Congress and not seek re-election.

Rep. Tom DeLay, whose iron hold on the House Republicans melted as a lobbying corruption scandal engulfed the Capitol, told TIME that he will not seek reelection and will leave Congress within months. Taking defiant swipes at "the left" and the press, he said he feels "liberated" and vowed to pursue an aggressive speaking and organizing campaign aimed at promoting foster care, Republican candidates and a closer connection between religion and government.

Don't You Just Love Rush Limbaugh

You know, the kind of guy that calls rape victims 'hos'.