Wednesday, April 19, 2006


VIDEO of Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars RE-ENACTORS.


Prof Fury said...

Things that were delightful about that:

1) Ultron's mask
2) competing crisis group w/ much better costumes
3) Was Kang in Secret Wars? I don't believe he was.

Dr. Wagner said...

Um, that is fantastic. Hahahaha!! I think Supergirl was my favorite part.

And yes, PF, Kang may have been in Secret Wars, because I know they made an action figure for him. I had one. And I had no idea who he was or what his powers were. So I made them up. He shot lasers from his mouth and he could fly.

The Hud said...

Does that mean that he belched lasers, barfed up lasers, spit lasers, or that he had some freaky, snake-like teeth that instead of spitting venom shot lasers?

Dr. Wagner said...

I assumed his powers were associated with his mask...much like wolverine's claws and cyclops' eye beams...both incorrectly attributed to the costume pieces they eminated from.

Polly said...

as i recall, didn't the wolverine toy have clip-on claws? I guess that would leave one to think it was a device rather than part of his body (if you got the toy before you go the comic).