Sunday, April 23, 2006

Unclaimed Territory - by Glenn Greenwald: Treason by association

This story is worth reading. Below you can see a small taste of what's in here:

"Recently, close Bush ally, Republican Senator Richard Shelby of Alabama, was found by investigators to have leaked highly sensitive, classified information to Fox News' Carl Cameron and CNN's Dana Bash while Shelby served on the Senate Intelligence Committee -- an unauthorized and serious leak which, for some odd reason, the Bush Justice Department refused to prosecute. No Bush followers, at least that I know of, objected to the decision to allow Sen. Shelby to leak with impunity...
Ok, now think about this. the administration is ready to BUST the CIA agents and even the press that take/use leaks...but...BOY there's a few that they don't mind leaking...just depends on WHICH classified info is coming out, right?

"BUT POLLY!!" you say.
"WHY didn't they go to the Senate Ethics Committee with this?!"

Well, you see, that committee is chaired by Pat Roberts, and he's not gonna see ya walk in the door. he's too busy turning his head to look the other way...
"Two witnesses interviewed by the FBI in its probe of classified information leaked from a joint congressional inquiry in 2002 say they are very concerned about cooperating with a Senate Ethics Committee review of the matter because Sen. Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) has not recused himself from the review--(read here)"

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