Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Bush's new Chief of Staff (Josh Bolten) collects photos.
Of President Bush.
Actually, of his hands.

um...I think Bush's real problem with his administration is his own addiction to sycophants.


Buck Allred said...

Jason: I am curious as to your thoughts re: Hillary potentially being the dem pres. candidate in 08.

Polly said...

i think she would be a terrible pick. i think her 'high' numbers come only from name id, just as they do with any poll 2 years out (Kerry now, Gore in 2002, etc). I don't think she has what it takes to win the primary bc she'll beseiged in a way here-to-fore unseen (is that how you spell that?).

i also think she'd be the WORST possible (credible) candidate the Dems could put forward. I don't mean this as an expression of my own hatred for hillary. i think she's ok. not particularly bad or good, but rather that she's consumed with the clinton era hatred from the right...most of which is NOT based on anything more tangible than how they 'feel' about her, or simply pale in comparison to the wrongdoing currently going on in the White House.

...but that doesn't matter when you look at this fact: NO OTHER WOMAN ON EARTH is disliked more intensely than Hillary Clinton. right or wrong, reasonable or not, you cannot name another woman on earth that inspires that level of venom in MILLIONS of people. case closed. she can't win...Lest the GOP nominate someone with a REAL scandal attached that kills their campaign.

anyone else have thoughts on this?

As for my picks...I like Gen. Wes Clark by far. always have. i like Edwards but he's not aggressive enough, which i found shocking, actually. (former) Gov. Warner (VA) is a rising star, but he's gotta somehow stay in people's minds for 2 more years w/o being in office anymore. I like Biden a lot as a senator. I am, however, leary of any Dems from New England-esque states like Deleware. Americans have elected exactly 2 in the last 114 years since Grover Cleveland. (that's THREE since the formation of the Republican Party--if we don't quibble about dates).

Your thoughts?

Buck Allred said...

I agree with everything you said. I am concerned that Hillary is too arrogant and/or too driven to acknowledge this reality and step aside. I love Clark and Edwards both. It should have been either of them instead of Kerry last time. I hope dems nationally have finally arrived at the obvious revelation that no blue-blood new englander is going to be able to win a presidential election. I had a bad feeling when Gephardt dropped out so early in the 04 primaries. I voted for Kerry, but he is a bit of a wanker, and not to even mention his wife's penchant for giving the opposition ridiculous headline quotes every damn day.

PS- Rush Limbaugh arrested again BWAAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHA