Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Slow, Hour Long Death...

OK, I watched the Soprano's Series finale tonight. I'm a fan. i've watched and enjoyed every season. Every episode. This last (bifurcated) season has been the worst by far. We spend the first 1/2 of the season watching Tony in his dreamworld, wandering through meaningless crap. the rest of the season gives us the end/final direction of all the major players. each one handled as if it were an afterthought. Nothing, and i mean NOTHING has been handled on par with the handling of any of the other characters, on any of the other episodes, on any of the other seasons. I could have taken any of the possible resolutions or final direction(s) for the characters on this series. What i got was an answer to nothing. my cable could have been cut off during the show (and it seemed like it was at the end!) and i would have had not missed a thing. As a matter of fact, if i missed this episode completely it would have not mattered at all.

the acting and story were actually decent. For a series finale...for a series of this magnitude...? worthless.

The Last Straw?

I've grown more and more angry with the state of the Mississippi Democratic Party, often my problem is with particular people. I don't mind if someone makes a stupid move, but some operate with a sheer stupidity that topples other, good democrats in their wake.

A few democrats have sued in federal court to address the NON-EXISTENT problem of voter dilution when Republicans cross over to vote in Democratic Primaries. As a result, this week, a federal judge has ruled that (by 2008) we must have a party registration system AND a voter ID system. The Republicans were not involved with this suit, but should be VERY happy by this result. Our current system requires you to vote in one primary (GOP or Democrat), but not both. this paired with the very large number of democratic officials elected locally (by far, the majority) has the effect of bringing more attention, support, and money into the Democratic Party. With the new registration process, it would be impossible to gain any more in these areas, but rather we can be guaranteed a deduction. More importantly, this opens the door for GOP growth in local/county elections where they have been helpless thus far. Party building this is not. Its like introducing loyalty oaths without any reward for that loyalty.

AND, leave it to these Democratic IDIOTS to deliver what no elected GOP official could over the last decade or more: Voter ID. This made up voter fraud issue is a hallmark of GOP suppression attempts has been delivered by the democrats themselves. This is the sort of thing that has very much tempted me to abandon Democratic Party politics in Mississippi. i say "tempted" because many of the GOP around here remain some of the most loathsome, destructive human beings I've met within this state's borders.

That last one really bothers me a lot. I've spent a great deal of my time and energy working against voter suppression tactics in this state, and to have a group of democrats do some of the very damage that I've worked to protect against for years may just be unforgivable. if you haven't already clicked the link in the above paragraph, here it is again. you REALLY should read about what has been going on across this country over the last decade in an attempt to suppress lawful voters.

Diamond Dogs Do It!!

My beloved bulldogs are headed to the College Baseball World Series!! It is their second time to make it to Omaha for the CWS in 9 years. It also seems a bit of a Cinderella story as State wasn't previously ranked in the top 25 (only briefly, earlier in the season). PLUS. they had lost eight of their last 10 games heading into postseason tournaments. However, after that we've gone 5-0, beating super duper national sensation Florida State at their home in Tallahassee. This latest win marks our second come from behind/make me throw up with anxiety win against Clemson. right on!!

In other news, LAME Ole Miss collapsed in the 9th inning, unable to advance.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Alabama Fistfight.

It seems that a Republican in the Alabama Senate punched a democrat. Later he admitted to being an idiot.