Tuesday, November 30, 2004

A National Shame and a Regional Disgrace

Alabamians may soon have reached a new, modern low. This year there was a referendum to change the Alabama constitution. The idea was to get rid of relics out of the segregationist past such as:

"Separate schools shall be provided for white and colored children, and no child of either race shall be permitted to attend a school of the other race."

"To avoid confusion and disorder and to promote effective and economical planning for education, the legislature may authorize the parents or guardians of minors, who desire that such minors shall attend schools provided for their own race."

The opponents of the measure (which includes former Ala. Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore--by the way, why hasn't this guy's license to practice law been revoked?) can't come out and just say they want to cling to the racist language. The point to the lines dealing with education.

See, it also removes language that DENIES that the state's (compulsory) education system is a right of its citizens. Currently the statute denies that Alabamians had "any right to education or training at public expense." the Alabama Christian Coalition is one of the main supporters of keeping the language. They've worked to scare people into thinking that if the language was removed, attorneys could then somehow sue to raise taxes in Alabama. A cursory knowledge of civics would let you know this is a folly. None-the-less, this group, a true disgrace before the lord Jesus, is using lies about taxes to keep the racist language in the Alabama Constitution.

It is a shame on its face, and these people, claiming to be a coalition of Christians have truly turned their back on the lord. What Would Jesus Do? I think he'd have little patience with these modern day pharisees.

However, there is a ray of hope. the vote ended in a near tie. a recount is underway and it is possible that the side of right will prevail in this case, righteousness needs 926 more votes.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Let's Run the Numbers for Ashcroft.

'The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved.'--John Ashcroft

Number of U.S. terror trials brought before a jury since September 11, 2001: 1
Number of terrorism convictions resulting: 2
Number of them dismissed due to a 'pattern of mistakes' by the prosecution: 2

Let's Run the Numbers for Ashcroft.

'The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved.'--John Ashcroft

Number of U.S. terror trials brought before a jury since September 11, 2001: 1
Number of terrorism convictions resulting: 2
Number of them dismissed due to a 'pattern of mistakes' by the prosecution: 2

Speaking of Aviation...

You know, my first ride in an airplane was in one of these. The only difference was it was Yellow. got to wear the goggles and everything. Felt pretty cool at 5 years old. Posted by Hello

The Aviation and a Self-Portrait

The Aviation is the Prince of classic cocktails. In the last 50 years it has become a pretty rare find. However one can generally be found by a thirsty visitor in one of two places: my house at any time of the day or night and The Rainbow Room in Rockefeller Center. (Note, Unlike the Rainbow Room, I will not lend you a jacket if you forgot to dress up).

It is not only my favorite Cocktail, but i believe it may be the best cocktail there is...and I've done some taste testing! There's no modern drink like it and you can usually assume the bartender knows his stuff if he even knows what it is.

The reason it's so rare is the Maraschino Liqueur that is used in the drink. I have no idea why it is so hard to come by, but I've never seen it outside of New Orleans. As a matter of fact, I held on to the recipe for 2 years after hearing someone rave about it. It took me that long to find the Maraschino, and now I always buy some more if it remotely looks like i'm about to run out! It's a clear cherry liqueur that is sweet, but not too sweet. It is nothing at all like the red chemical/syrup you find in a jar of cherries. If you order one, make sure they have the real goods or you'll get a syrup-y goo.

The strict recipe:

1.5oz of gin (and for god's sake, don't grab vodka for a substitute!)
1/2oz. of maraschino
The juice of one lemon
Garnish with a cherry

Shake it hard for 30+ seconds and served up (in a chilled cocktail glass, no ice).

You do that and you'll get a cloudy opaque (like a cloudy sky, thus Aviation). It should be cool and inviting, with a couple of chips of ice spinning on the surface. As with any cocktail served in a cocktail glass, you can know you shook it enough if there are little chips of ice floating in the drink after you strain it into the glass.

If you think you don't like Gin, this may be the one drink that surprises you. Most gin haters still love this drink! If you can't get one at a bar, just pay me a visit and I'll make you one.

The most wonderful thing about this drink? It makes you smarter. Trust us. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Not a Good Night.

WLBT - The National Weather Service says severe weather to the west of Jackson Tuesday evening is similar to the conditions of 1992. It was that year that a total of 12 people were killed in Rankin County, 10 of them in Brandon.

Meteorologist Jim Butch says, "We expect severe storms, hail and probably tornados. It would not surprise me that we would have several strong, to violent tornados, during the night time hours, and that is what really concerns us, they are coming at night similar to the Brandon tornado of 1992 that hit at midnight."

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Barn Door is Open.

As you can tell by this picture, Bush is trying to play it cool here with the big kids. I just think bush should ZIP HIS FLY when he's meeting with heads of state. Posted by Hello

Bush HATES Activist Judges...But What ARE They?

An interesting article on Judges and the 'Judicial Activism' politicians talk about. This breaks it down into simple, digestible chunks below, but i say read the rest of it to see where we are. It's short.

What does President Bush mean, if anything, when he says that his kind of judge 'knows the difference between personal opinion and the strict interpretation of the law'? Every judge sincerely believes that he or she is interpreting the law properly.

Bush's complaint must be understood in the context of Republican Party history over the last half-century. Ever since Chief Justice Earl Warren and Brown vs. Board of Education (the 1954 school desegregation case), conservatives have complained about 'activist' judges and justices who allegedly imposed their own liberal dictates on the country with no legal basis. Taking up this rallying cry is one way Republicans won the South. Even Southern conservatives don't publicly complain about Brown anymore, of course. But denouncing activist judges is now Republican boilerplate.


George W. Bush may get to appoint as many as four Supreme Court justices, including the chief. But the complaint about liberal activism has been quaint for decades. All three chief justices since the "activism" fuss began were appointed by Republican presidents. Earl Warren, it's true, was a bitter surprise to Republicans, but Warren E. Burger was not, and William H. Rehnquist was a positive delight. Liberal judicial activism peaked with Roe vs. Wade, the 1973 abortion decision (which Burger supported), and has been in retreat now for longer than it lasted.

After talk of Brawls...

I thought this was funny after recent events.

Put a Kink in my Speakers

OK, Mr. Mooch and I are wanting a Kinks album. i like (but am over saturated by) All Day and All of the Night and Lola, but those albums may be good. i'm interested in an album, and maybe a greatest hits if that is the best route (and i don't think it is). so what album should i get if i want to get my Kinks fix? I like the Kinks songs i have (a handful) and they span the eras: Picture Book, Destroyer, Come Dancing, Nothing In This World Can Stop Me Worryin' Bout That Girl, and God's Children.

So, does anyone out there recommend a Kinks album for me?

Monday, November 22, 2004

Mr. Charley Spotted in the Wild.

Mr. Mooch's little known uncle, Mr. Charley, is caught sneaking a Nip behind the fern. Posted by Hello

FBI: More than 7,400 hate crimes last year

Another rise in race-based crimes this past year. the number against black americans out pace all other races 2 to 1.

N.Irish 'Bloody Sunday' Probe Enters Final Phase

LONDONDERRY, Northern Ireland (Reuters) - The longest-running and costliest
public inquiry in British legal history -- into Northern Ireland's so-called "Bloody Sunday" -- entered its final phase on Monday.

The tribunal investigating the 1972 killing of 13 civilians by paratroopers began hearing closing speeches as some families of the dead expressed hope their loved ones would be declared innocent.

Bloody Sunday was one of the most traumatic events in the province's 30-year "Troubles," fueling suspicion of the authorities among the Catholic minority and prompting dozens to join the IRA's violent campaign against British rule.

Bush says Iran nuke claims must be verified

Now, if only he always showed this kind of restraint when it came to countries that DIDN'T have WMDs. It shows the cowardly depths of this administration when you watch how fast they rushed to war when then KNEW Iraqi had no WMD's. Now that the Nuclear threat looms in two of his "axis of evil" powers, he can't quit hiding from the issue.

Where's the brave action now that the threat is real?

Are your Civil Rights being PROTECTED?

Seems the answer is 'NO'.

While the number of complaints have stayed relatively the same since 1999, The Department of Justice has cut in half the number of criminal charges they've brought against offenders.

In addition, the number of times the FBI recommended prosecution in civil rights cases has dropped by 1/3. The leadership of these offices serve at the will of the President.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Republican Pork Barrel!

Next time you talk to someone claiming to be Republican because they are "fiscally conservative", drop this little nugget on them:

The Legislative Confrence Committee (the group that hash's out the difference between House and Senate versions of the same bill) can insert non-debatable points into a bill. this year a record 3,407 'pork barrel' spending projects were inserted into the budget.

Wanna know the number from 1994, the last year the Democrats controlled both the House and Senate?


Pretty insane...Watch the Video if you didn't see it.

The Pacers and the Pistons were playing recently and one of the WORST fights in Professional (U.S.) sports history broke out between several players THEN spilled into the crowd where the players an FANS were fighting. pretty bad. about 7 players have been suspended, one banned from the game for the rest of the season (w/o pay).

Friday, November 19, 2004

A Deadly Dateline

This is some real reporting. some of the best stuff i've seen from Iraq.

If You Want Me to Stay...

Colin Powell claimed to only plan one term as Sec. of State. despite this, there are reports that he had second thoughts and perhaps wanted to stay on the job. He made a list of conditions under which he would remain, namely a more engaged policy with Iran and a harder tack against Ariel Sharon.

He was not asked to stay.

So far, of the 2 biggest architects of the Iraq blunders, one (Rice) has got a promotion and the other (Rumsfeld) is awaiting his fate. Now that's an administration anyone could work for. if you screw up, NO PROBLEM! (just don't contradict the boss).

Coalition of the Leaving

Another of Bush's "Coalition of the Willing" is calling it quits. You know, Bush is going to take it really hard if beloved Poland leaves too.

Democratic Action Center :: Contribute Now!


Please consider donating to the 2 Run off Campaigns for U.S. House of Representatives. we have 2 chances for a pick-up in the House.

Every Democrat counts.

For Cronyism, 2004 is a Fine Vintage.

One third of Bush's top fundraisers or their spouses have been appointed to positions w/ the administration.

Oh, remember how up in arms the GOP was about Clinton 'renting out' the Lincoln bedroom? it was an outrage, wasn't it? well, evidently not anymore, as it is ONE of the PERKS you get by being a Bush "pioneer" (a person raising at least $100,000).

what will we tell the children?

Matt Drudge Plays Nice?

The Drudge Report is notorious for posting VERY unflattering pictures of politicians Drudge doesn't care for (mostly democrats). While there were some pretty snarky comments there about the opening of the Clinton Library (which i want to visit), he shockingly posted this, kinda sweet, picture of the president for most of the day and night. I am actually shocked. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cabinet Shake-Up. The Short Take

Much has been made about the 2nd term shake-up in the bush cabinet. i don't think it's a real story bc this is actually common for administrations. we just don't see it that much as we've really only had 2 two-term presidents in a generation.

that being said...i don't cut bush any slack for essentially promoting all the leadership staff that essentiall got iraq wrong. hell...condasleaza rice lied under oath about iraq to the 9/11 commission. remember when the republicans would hang their heads during the Clinton impeachment saying "it's not about the sex...it's about the lying". This showing how they were just taking the high road.

well...they don't seem to give a damn about the lying now.

We Don't Have to Worry About Fabricated WMD intelligence Anymore!

it seems iran has a secret facility that's been hard at work trying to create a nuclear system. (officially--last week--they called off their nuclear pursuits...only to have moved them elsewhere to a secret location).

of course the bush plan so far is to pretend like it's not happening as they haven't the will or (now w/ iraq) the ability to face the real WMD threats this nation faces.


In a GREAT turn of events, Justice James Graves has won Re-Election to the Supreme Court. a lot of people worked very hard on this and i am very thankful.

This run-off was about as important as it gets.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

GOP to Fix Ethics Rules to Help DeLay

The U.S. House of Representatives has an ethics rule that members cannot remain in leadership positions while under indictment. Why? Tom DeLay is about to be indicted.

House Republicans plan to change their rules in order to allow members indicted by state prosecutors to remain in a leadership post, a move designed to benefit Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) in case he is charged by a Texas grand jury that has indicted three of his political associates, GOP leaders said today.

The rules change, which leaders said is likely to be adopted Wednesday, comes as House Republicans return to Washington indebted to DeLay for the enhanced majority they won in this month's elections. DeLay led an aggressive redistricting effort in Texas last year that resulted in five Democratic House members retiring or losing reelection. It also triggered the grand jury inquiry

Oddly the rule came about because of pressure from House Republicans in 1993 after a Democrat (Dan Rostenkowski) was indicted.

i guess it's ok now.

That GOP Big Tent!

The GOP is so open to new ideas, that some are even telling their own party members that they can hit the road! now that's what i call a 'big tent'.


"If they can't agree and support the president and the platform, then they ought to go over to the Democrats," said Jan LaRue, chief counsel for the conservative group Concerned Women for America.[...]

The to-do list includes defending traditional marriage, banning human cloning, reforming Social Security, passing more-restrictive abortion laws and stepping up enforcement of obscenity laws, said Ms. LaRue of Concerned Women for America. And if moderates don't agree with those objectives, perhaps they don't belong in the GOP, she said.

Ms. LaRue calls Mr. Specter a RINO - Republican In Name Only - and questions why politicians such as Sen. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island remain in the Republican Party when they didn't even vote for Mr. Bush.

"Get real," she said. "These are Democrats in Republican clothing."
and how do GOP moderates feel?
"There is no future for moderate and progressive Republicans in the Republican Party," said Jim Scarantino, president of the centrist GOP group Mainstream 2004. "The far right wing and the fanatics have seized control."

Mr. Scarantino isn't sure where his brand of Republican politics fits into the GOP. Some Christian conservatives say it doesn't.[...]

While big-name moderates such as John McCain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rudolph Giuliani took the stage in New York, conservatives controlled the party

"The party has ruthlessly exploited moderate Republicans," Mr. Scarantino said. "I think they're deluding themselves thinking they're ever going to get anything more than the opportunity to be on the stage."


A loyal (thanks) Polly & the Mooch reader stopped me in the bank recently to ask where the posts have gone!

Well, I've been wrapped up in many things as of late. In addition to that we have a run-off election tuesday (VOTE GRAVES TODAY if you live in Mississippi).

In addition...the election has gotten me down, somewhat. Part of is that i've had a great number of serious thoughts about it that i just wish i could get out of my head. talk to someone about. the problem is that the things i have to say i just will not put on this site. it's more for a private discussion, actually. Maybe i should've started an email discussion earlier.

Either way, i'm back and hopefully i'll post some of the things i've been working on in the last week or so.

PR Tip: Don't shoot unarmed POW's on TV...

it doesn't make us look good.

The U.S. military has begun an investigation into possible war crimes after a television pool report by NBC showed a Marine shooting dead a wounded and unarmed Iraqi in a Falluja mosque, officials said on Monday [...]

C.I.A. Purge!

Here is an amazing bit of news that's making the rounds. Recently there's been a purge at the C.I.A. Now many of you may be thinking "it's about time, that bad ole C.I.A. giving the president the wrong information on WMD's in Iraq and everything". Of course, that assumes you bought the 'well, how could I have known better?' line our president's been selling over actually taking responsibility for what's been done.

Well, friends, that's not the sort of purge we have here. Bush is tossing out C.I.A. personel that have been disloyal to him.

Let me explain. Over the course of the Iraq mess, the president and VP used a sub-office they created in the Intelligence Committee called 'The Office of Special Plans'. Its job was to cherry-pick the intelligence that built the case against Iraq and disregard the evidence that didn't help the case for war.

C.I.A. agents were not very happy that the work they'd put together had been spun into a lie to justify the President's march to war. They didn't like it when the true facts of the situation were disregarded and it seems some leaked the facts out.

Bush didn't like that. Now generally, i'm against the intelligence community leaking things to the press, but you have to re-think this when this comes about because the President himself is bringing a nation to war based on lies, and then when the lies come out, that same President blames the 'mistaken info' on the very agents that had their work tossed aside. If you were wondering if the mendacity ever ends...

the answer is no.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Don't Fine the Terrorist Supporters, They're Bush Supporters TOO!

From the AP:

"Despite the Bush administration's pledge to battle terrorist financing, the government's average penalty against companies doing business with countries listed as terrorist-sponsoring states fell sharply after the Sept. 11 attacks, an Associated Press analysis of federal records shows. The average penalty for a company doing business with Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan or Libya dropped nearly threefold, from more than $50,000 in the five years before the 2001 attacks to about $18,700 afterward, according to a computer-assisted analysis of federal records."

So whybe so forgiving? The AP says, "Nineteen executives or directors of companies fined by [Office of Foreign Assets Control], for dealing with state sponsors of terrorism were top campaign fund-raisers for Bush."

That Great Bush Strategery!

Things are so great in iraq that they've just declared a nationwide state of emergency. oh...and ONLY 5 DOZEN people were killed over the weekend!

A Backdoor Draft.

This is what they're talking about when they say 'Backdoor Draft':

David M. Miyasato enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve in 1987, served three years of active duty during the first Gulf War and received an honorable discharge in 1991. He remained on inactive status for five more years, until 1996. Since then, the Kaua'i resident has married, started an auto window tinting business and this year, he and his wife had their first child. But in September, Miyasato received a letter from the Army recalling him to active duty and directing him to report to a military facility in South Carolina on Tuesday.

"I was shocked," Miyasato said yesterday. "I never expected to see something like that after being out of the service for 13 years."

Miyasato is now suing the Secretary of the Army, asking a court to prevent the Army from ordering him to active duty. He is also asking for a court judgment declaring that he fulfilled all his obligations to the military.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Time for Unity, Healing, and Coming Together....Don't Kid Yourself.

From Dowd at the NYTimes:

The president got re-elected by dividing the country along fault lines of fear, intolerance, ignorance and religious rule. He doesn't want to heal rifts; he wants to bring any riffraff who disagree to heel.

W. ran a jihad in America so he can fight one in Iraq - drawing a devoted flock of evangelicals, or 'values voters,' as they call themselves, to the polls by opposing abortion, suffocating stem cell research and supporting a constitutional amendment against gay marriage. Mr. Bush, whose administration drummed up fake evidence to trick us into war with Iraq, sticking our troops in an immoral position with no exit strategy, won on 'moral issues.'

The president says he's 'humbled' and wants to reach out to the whole country. What humbug. The Bushes are always gracious until they don't get their way. If W. didn't reach out after the last election, which he barely grabbed, why would he reach out now that he has what Dick Cheney calls a 'broad, nationwide victory'?

Bush spoke today that he's earned "Political Capital" today and he plans to spend it. That means he's won the right to say 'the people want my agenda and i'm going to get it'.

that's not 'lets work together'.

that's fine.

I've been through 4 years of this crap. I just don't want anyone else thinking this is ever going to be about coming together. Bush wins by dividing this nation on fault lines and hoping that as we break, he gets the bigger chunck.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

A Look Back on 2 Critical Moments.

Newsweek did a campaign post mortem in a special issue out this week. its a must read. Here are 2 things that stood out to me, as outlined by Salon.com:

First, for any of us tempted to be nostalgic for the Clinton years -- and there's probably a lot of that going on this week as Republicans further tighten their grip on government, here's something to temper our longing for the '90s. "Looking for a way to pick up swing voters in the Red States, former President Bill Clinton, in a phone call with Kerry, urged the Senator to back local bans on gay marriage. Kerry respectfully listened, then told his aides, 'I'm not going to ever do that.'" Being more Clintonesque on gay marriage may have won Kerry some swing votes, but that comes with a price, and one Kerry wasn't willing to pay.
This is the sort of thing that gets my friend Big Gray upset about Clinton and the Democrats. This willingness to cut someone else to get ahead is the way they see it. I do not agree at all, and only WISH i had the foresight to have come up with this advice as Clinton did.

Look...i’m not certain that a close election year—when bush can ONLY win by firing up the evangelicals—is the best year to push for immediate incorporation of gay rights on a scale unequaled in the course of human history. i mean seriously, the mayor of San Fran was working AGAINST the law and FOR what he thinks is right. great. what did he accomplish? a backlash across the nations where marriage and civil unions are now illegal AND he handed out marriage certificates that aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. YAY. great! what a great moral victory.

This part below is pretty alarming to see now--after the fact. This stuff just pisses me off. they knew this sort of crap was coming in a run against Bush. not being ready for it was incompetence.
The Swift Boat disaster was the darkest period for Kerry, and any Monday morning quarterbacking about his campaign must question how slowly Kerry moved to challenge the well-orchestrated attack on his Vietnam record. Newsweek reports that: "In early August, when the Swift Boat story started to pick up steam on the talk shows, Susan Estrich, a California law professor, well-known liberal talking head and onetime campaign manager for Michael Dukakis, had called the Kerry campaign for marching orders. She had been booked on Fox's 'Hannity & Colmes' to talk about the Swift Boat ads. What are the talking points? Estrich asked the Kerry campaign. There are none, she was told. Estrich was startled. She had seen this bad movie before." It was "shades of Dukakis,"
Newsweek says.

The Last Word on the Bulge

It's a bullet proof vest according to this article. Maybe. I'm still believe it was a receiver for voice transmissions.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Culture War!

You can expect the Religious fundamentalists to see this election as a mandate for their policies. there is no check on the President and VP now as they are done with running for office now.

And Another Thing...

I don't want to hear a WORD about Hillary Clinton winning this thing for us in 2008. i could not DREAM UP a worse idea.

I like her OK. she never set me off or made me happy. i've always been indifferent.

Think about this: Is there any woman on the face of the earth that inspires more hatred than her? really? Name them! i don't care if she deserves it or not. NO WOMAN ON EARTH would better galvanize the republicans than Hillary. perhaps no PERSON on earth. the only way i can think to make it worse would be if Jessie Jackson was her VP.

Look, i'm not trying to put these people down. i actually like them. Hillary just will not help us build our party, no matter how many people would like to see her run.

What this Country is Looking at now and How I Feel About It.

I'm going to be very honest with you. This is bad. not "i don't like bush" bad, but bad for the country and certainly bad for Democrats. Bush has taken a divided America and made those divisions deeper and perhaps, by the end of this new term, so deep i will not see it mend in my lifetime. The idea is to have a base, who cares if its not over 45%, that is so hardcore "with you" they will never change, no matter what happens or how bad it is.

Int this i'm not talking about Bush just being a bad president, though i belive this. its about creating a base that will gleefully gobble up whatever you put in front of them. He's mad the Red states Red-er and its going to be a hell of a time to get things back.

I believe most people do not realize just how bad this election was for democrats. Nationally, this may be the worst election for us in the last 3-4 generations. Not necessarily from the win/lose standpoint, but rather from how difficult it will be to succeed from here. I believe the GOP will control congress and the Senate for at least a full generation (Starting from the 1994 take over). We’re about to enter an era like we had before FDR (exceptions of Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt noted) where the GOP kicked out the trust busters and ran the country for (decades?) Like an open cash register for business and the last of the "robber barons".

In my (expert or not) opinion, this is the beginning of darkest days the Democratic Party has seen in the last 100 years.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Somehow i haven't Vomited Yet.

i'm incredibly nervous. the election results are coming along in a close and uncomfortable pattern. the thing is just as much of a toss up as it was a week ago.

though it is VERY early...the local Justice Graves numbers look good so far. this election looks to be a nail bitter all around.


Also vote for James Graves if you live in Mississippi!

i'm feeling good yet remarkably nervous. see you guys after the election...lest you call me before that.

Monday, November 01, 2004

The Old Way of Voting is Over.

Read this artikcle: Salon.com News | "Nobody should have to go through so much to vote."

it talks about what people are going through to vote now with the early voting process that's out there. when i first heard of this i was a bit skeptical. people in politics don't like the unexpected and this made me leary. now i'm not. i'm shocked. People have had DAYS of 4 hour long lines for voting. DAYS! do you know what that means? it means many places like florida can never vote all in one day again.

they are using the same number of workers and the same number of precincts as normal and they are getting mobbed. can you imagine if all of these people--the ones that have voted over the last 2 weeks--tried to show up on the SAME DAY to vote? it would break down. 2000 would pale in comparisson because the system would collapse in on itself.

i think this turn out is amazing and i think it has changed presidential elections forever in a way no one really expected (or at least talked about). thi (other than the result) may just be the story of the year when it comes to elections. i'd go so far as to say that this would be the most significant change in elections since the Voting Rights Act (yeah...i'm counting the 26th amendment in there too).

Pretending to be Gay....is SO GAY.

here some GOP darlings decided to fake being gay. they held up signs about kerry supporting gay rights to (i guess) piss off the church goers across the street.

does this seem desperate to you?

Two federal judges deny voter challengers at polls


A federal judge issued an order early Monday barring political party challengers from polling places throughout Ohio during Tuesday's election.

U.S. District Judge Susan Dlott found that the application of Ohio's statute allowing challengers at polling places is unconstitutional.

She said the presence of challengers inexperienced in the electoral process questioning voters about their eligibility would impede voting.

Dlott ruled on a lawsuit by a black Cincinnati couple who said Republican plans to deploy challengers to largely black precincts in Hamilton County was meant to intimidate and block black voters.

Polly and the Mooch ANNOUNCEMENT

Over the next 24 hours we are going to show you some of the things that the GOP are doing to suppress the vote around the country. whenever possible, i've used actual documents (or copies) being used by the Republicans.

I am devoting some time to this because i believe it's that serious. We cannot let this sort of trash run out country.

Please take the time to look through some of these and Vote Democratic on November 2nd. if you hear of any problems...contact the people below.

Election Protection Hotline:
1-866-MYVOTE1 to report problems
1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683) for immediate legal assistance