Monday, June 30, 2003

Howard DEan. presidentaial hopeful, just raised several million dollars (most of which it got online, which is a milestone) in a week....all around the week where he won the first “Online Primary”. Now, I’ve discounted this primary as BS, BUT with the caveat that it WILL have as much sway as the press is willing to give it, AND as much as it helps a candidate...well it seems that it may have helped dean. OK, so is this surge due to ? or just Dean himself. if it did, then it just made a name for itself, and deserves about 10x the press its already gotten.

Dean's got some cool T-shirts out, BTW. i like him, but i'm still not sure if i can smell the McGovern on him.

MY HOUSE. Jesus. I did a number on my house. For about a million months, my house has been in disarray for various reasons. Since Federica was coming, I decided to get it on the road to recovery. While its got a ways to go, it looks so MIRACULOUSLY better, even I’m shocked. Wish I’d taken some before/after shots. Thanks to David for working outside on the yard for while I was working inside. We worked right until Federica’s flight came in, and I was pretty damn proud. Sorta reminded me of that scene in DC Cab/Revenge of the Nerds/any other movie where the guys are “working together to fix up an old run down ______ and make it shine, all to the tune of a catchy work song”. Cept Mr. T wasn’t there. Oh well.

i gotta wonder about some people. if i have no new info for a client at the close of business on friday, why would the expect me to have some new info at 8:30am on monday? i've explained this doesn't work more times than you could ever imagine. ..."Whiskey River Take My Mind" is a good song for me to be playing right now. yes it is.

Decent Weekend. My sweetie Federica is in town for 10 days. We were both anxious and nervous about her visit. When she got here, it was a great relief. All seemed ok in the world again. Little did she know that on Saturday she’d be tossed to the open road. We left before lunch to attend a Family Reunion in Lambert, MS where she met MOST of the people on my mother’s side of the family. I think she was taken aback somewhat, but she was a good sport. Speaking of good sport, she tolerated a quick trip to some places I lived in the delta like Dublin, MS and Lu-Rand, MS (look THAT up on mapquest!). Anyway, places I’ve not seen since a decade ago at least. It was somewhat strange. Not sad but not happy either. Anyway...

After that, we went to Memphis. I dunno what I was thinking. It’s a great town, but I could have done better by Federica. We were tired and got to see next to nothing, returning to my Dad’s at 1am. Spent the day with them and drove back. All in all, Federica was a good sport and doesn’t now hate me. :) The part I don’t understand is that she wanted to drive almost the whole way. Nutty. It went pretty well, and ended with she and I having our first meal together at our home. I'm not going to like it when she leaves again in a few days.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Federica is coming to town tonite. lots to do between now and then and that doesn't even count the work i have here at the job. yeesh. i wonder if i look as frazzled as i feel?

Well, it seems that the archaic ban on certain types of sex between consenting adults has been banned. the court ruled 6-3 against a Texas Law that banned consentual sexual relations between people of the same sex. this is one of a few states (formerly ALL states) that still have laws banning various forms of sex. Scalia, Thomas, and Renquist dissented. Evidently Scalia felt so strongly about his dissent that he read it aloud to the court. he stated (in part):

"The court has taken sides in the culture war," adding that he has "nothing against homosexuals."

I'm sorry Justice Scalia. You are a liar. more importantly, you are a coward because you hide the truth of your convictions.

On another note, the comment section here appears to be getting a much needed overhaul. thanks for the patience

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

not much today. Geneclark45 gave me this. jesus. everything that happened in the world this week...all in about 2 pages. neat. READ!

Monday, June 23, 2003

So much going on today its not even funny. I woke up at 3:45am to take my roommate to the bus depot. barely slept a wink after that, so i got to work way early. I have a TON to do at work, but nothing beyond my means. Also have a TON to do at home as my house looks like a disaster and my lovely 'better half' is coming for a week...her first week. I'm pretty nervous. I really want to make a good impression and I have a lot on my plate.

Here is a new BUSH nominee for Federal Court. He’s that Ala. Attorney General and has done a great deal to move the law forward. My favorites:

Wants to repeal parts of the Voting Rights Act (even testified before congress on that one!)
Wants to repeal the Violence Against Women Act

up next...AMY TUCK and John Edwards

Thursday, June 19, 2003

This is for my Howard Dean loving friends. While I DO like him, I’m fearful that the climate is too moderate at this point for Dean’s Liberalism to win the Presidency. However, I do concede that a Liberal CAN be elected in the US and I have to admit that I don’t know of a better time for that to happen. I can’t say that ________ would be a more opportune time for a true Liberal candidate to win. What I DO like about Dean is that he fights. I don’t live in a place where the races are easy. I don’t have that luxury. For that reason, I often judge the skill of a politician by how hard they fight (attack, whatever you wanna call it) the other side, how SMART they are about their fighting, and how they redirect the harsh attacks of the modern GOP.

(NOTE to John Kerry: fighting w/ Dean about who REALLY loves gay people more wins marginal votes and makes a marginal candidate (Dean) into a contender now b/c you treated him like one).

I believe Dean, better than any Political Liberal I’ve ever seen can do these things well. That says a lot. I have seen MANY astute liberals in my life but they are rarely speaking to me as VIABLE candidates. I’d say virtually never. This of course assumes Dean is viable, and that I’m not sure about yet...

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

a few quick notes:

this from an article at slate outlines my moderate view and concerns--

No, we don't need two Republican parties and we don't need two Democratic parties, but we do need two parties that work deliberately to represent the largest number of Americans, not just the 5% on either end that respond to purely ideological appeals or the 20% on either end that form a additional bulwark of die-hard partisan support, but the 50% that comprise the center and are willing to move toward or away from either party.

I have a great deal of concern about the direction of the Democratic Party and our long-term prospects. I may be too cautious, but i do not think being more radical NOW is the answer, no matter how desireable that proposition may be. here is a telling article on GOP long term strategy for the role of government as well as a revelation as to why tax cuts are great for all seasons: they shrink money that can go into programs and thus shrink programs. This is the logic, assuming the GOP can make themselves stop spending. They've not been so good at that so far.

Monday, June 16, 2003

I go HERE every Monday

this is also good for a monday. the top one is the new one. click, laff, send email...

I came back to work and my office was jumping. It’s a little calmer now. What seemed to be a real disaster has now been averted...thank god. It looked really bad. Its gonna be another late nite at the office I’m afraid. Lots of work...

I’m not physically tired, but I’m pretty well mentally spent for now. I guess I need to recharge some how.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Malaise is the best way to describe my recent feelings. I cannot fathom a better way to describe my emotional, mental, and professional state. As work goes, I’m TRYING to get around the bend. There is SO MUCH to do this summer before labor day and I’m getting there. I see solutions around the bend.

that being said, lets look over here-->

This is the best cocktail of all time. Unfortunately, the Liquer involved is hard to come by. I get mine in New Orleans or Baton Rouge, as it’s the only places I’m sure to find it. Asking my local booze shop to get some though. (Might I recommend Citadel Gin also). This drink ranks up there with the Gimlet as one of those drinks that taste so good that the Gin nay-sayers even like ‘em (ask David). Martinis on the other hand are not for kids, and I plan to enjoy some of that icy bliss today when I leave work. While I’m not the connoisseur of beer and wine that my friends are, cocktails intrigue me. Mr. Mooch prefers more tropical fare. He likes Mojito's like Federica.

*In RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP, Clark Gable’s wife offers guests “a slug of gin” and I always got a kick out of that phrase, so if you hear me say it, you’ll be in the know that I’m giving a secret nod to a movie

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Mr. Mooch has asked that his photo be placed on the blog. I dunno how to do that, but if anyone out there DOES (mame) please shed that light over here! Mr. Mooch did provide this link. Mr. Mooch, of course, is a Spider Monnkie and a graduate of Tulane Law (specializing in Monkey Law).

Mr. Mooch Likes:

Favorite Song: Hip-Hug-Her by Booker T & the MG's
Favorite Food: Hokki Clam sushi
Favorite Movie: Royal Tenenbaums
Stax or Motown? Stax
Beatles or Elvis? Elvis

Turn ons: Good looking girl-Monnkies wearing classy boas
Turn offs: rude behavior
Hometown: Jackson, MS

He also wanted me to announce that he will do a Living Will for you at a mere $300, as he's trying to save up for an Aeron Chair for his office.

Monday, June 09, 2003

DAMN! Had a hearing today. win or lose, i get to be done. i get there...clock's ticking...i worked LATE into the nite prepping. more of the same this morning. aaaand....judge is out! no trial. no good for anyone. SO, that means other work stays undone and i have lots more on my i'm tired for no good reason. don't like working 20 hours from Friday to Sunday. that just sucks.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

What a drag. Trial is coming up tomorrow and I have about 1000 things to do. Paper is due too and I have less time to do that. About 1000 things to do around my house and I can’t even touch that stuff yet. Feeling kinda lonely today, but that’s to be expected when your best lady pal is about 2200 miles away and getting more and more frustrated by the minute as to why everything she’s doing isn’t falling into place as it should.

See, the thing is, we are planning/having a formal wedding. Its August 31st and that’s about 84 days away. It was gonna be in November originally. That’s cutting 2 months off of a already difficult process.

Those immediate drags out of the way, brings us to more big picture drags. The more I read about the political climate and possibilities facing this nation, the more depressed I get. I don’t recall but a few occasions where politics depressed me, and in some ways I get that feeling every week now. I’ve always considered myself a ‘true believer’–someone that always thinks “there’s a way out” no matter how bleak it gets. That hasn’t completely fallen away, but I do worry a great deal more. I also wonder ‘how’? I just don’t know ‘how’ sometimes...I try to think about how bad, how HARD it was back years ago. when labor unions were thought to be a tresspass against the will of GOD! The effort to make the law see all people as citizens in full. the difficulties of our day sometimes seem trivial...but that's just the trouble. First off, we shouldn't feel guilt because its easier now. that is a state of nature and you cannot get around that. HOWEVER, the problem is that when its somewhat better, the complacency builds. its seen as "not all THAT bad" so its ok for the public to let things slide...and that's just where we are.

The sun is going down and feel like running out that door and running away. Even when you don’t or can’t run away, it sure is nice to think about it.

Friday, June 06, 2003

EVERYONE owes it to themselves to hear the GREAT RIFF on The White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army" on the album ELEPHANT. lyrics are good too! what a sound!


Jackson is attending a wake right least my part of Jackson is. Musiquarium is gone and many of us just don’t have an alternative place to go. Sure there are other places we DO go, but we went there anyway when we did not want the comfort of our MQ home. Its odd seeing regulars out elsewhere. Its not as if we never saw them outside the bar, but the question comes up...”so, is this where you are hanging out now?” The answer is always no, because no one HAS anywhere else to go. I know there are other places and there will be new places, but there is no other bar that was at the same time impressive to anyone that saw it, AND unmistakably “your” place (or mine in my case). Never had a place that great to call home. It was interesting to see a beer joint as considered ‘sophisticated’...and it was. Beer tastings, Book readings, bands of EVERY sort, and my friends--Always there. In a way, I really don’t know what to do with myself now. I don’t know where to go when I go out. Every other place I went to in town was because I was seeking out something specific at that bar, not because I wanted to go hang out there. I feel sorta lonely about the whole matter and I don’t like it one damn bit.

11pm and I’m at the job. Took a break to eat and get a few thoughts out here. I’m going to trial Monday. David volunteered to help with the prep this weekend, and I think I’m gonna take him up on it. Its short and 2 heads working on it will let me get back to the house (a disaster I’m fixing). Tonite is likely gonna be an allniter where I work on a paper like I’m some sort of student. My boss wants me to write a brief, and I’m barely into it (A brief is like a legal position paper that you give to a judge to additionally argue your side of an issue before him/her). What sucks is that I have had to learn what the hell the case is about and THEN do the research. Worst part of it all? I can bet you money that my boss, while wanting it Friday will not take a glance at it until Monday.

Stream of consciousness:

“In My Life” (Beatles) is the best sentimental song there is and maybe their best song (tho Norwegian Wood gets a mention from me). The best album cover of all time is on “With The Beatles,” and I’m more of a Stones Guy anyway. The best song for happy drinking is “Tumblin’ Dice” (The Rolling Stones). The best song for disregard of serious matters that need your attention (while drinking) is “Before They Make Me Run” (The Rolling Stones) and the best song for sad heart broken drinking is “One For My Baby” By Sinatra. I would go as far as to say that no one should be allowed to ever record that song again.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

...This just in! ...The "Shout Outs" are now up and running. anyone with a keyboard can tell me where to go and how to get there! Thanks to good pal to all, COURT-NAY WOLFGANG!

more on this story as it develops...

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Sometimes when I get up, I’m certain that an extra 5 minutes would give me just the rest I need. The problem is that I have my mornings cut so close, so that I can have my extra sleep, that every minute I stay in bed–I know will turn into literal minutes I’m late. That being said, I think its all psychological (the need).

Wedding bells. It seems that Federica and I are now going to be married on August 31, 2003. Official notices will be forthcoming. After much pain and trouble, the deed will be done and life can move forward (for the better).

I HOPE to soon make this a little more commentary and a little less Journal. I have been getting badgered to do some writing, maybe a column and I think It would be good. I MAY just write here and send the good stuff on to print, OR take t he stuff that’s printed and put it here too. I’ve been getting a little more inspired by reading Hunter S. Thompson lately...particularly on technique. Speaking of reading, I seem to run the gambit lately:

Alias, Daredevil, Hulk, Global Frequency, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Powers, and a few others being the most recent buys.

Theodore Rex (Edmund Morris) –This is a Presidential Years biography of my favorite Republican. This guy’s first bio of Teddy won a Pulitzer. Teddy Roosevelt is my dad’s favorite President, which I think is cool, since he’s not one of the 3 knee-jerk picks (FDR, Reagan, Kennedy depending on your disposition). My favorite is Lyndon Johnson, by the way–Mostly due to his mastery of influence. I find his techniques something to study.

Pimp (Iceberg Slim)–Rapper Ice T used to love Slim when he was in school. He would recite lines from the book to amuse his classmates and they called him “Iceberg” which got shortened to his rap name over time. Pimp is the story of a guy’s decent into the street and what it was like living that life. He tells it as a man that knew it was a no good life but doesn’t pretend that it didn’t (and doesn’t now) hold an appeal. He survived it all and wrote a few books. So far, I don’t think it glamorizes street life as much as he gives you an account of how it looked to him at the time he was in it. Certainly a frank discussion of unpleasant lives

Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72 (Hunter S. Thompson). HST is out of his damn mind. Here he follows the 72 election, sending weekly notes on what he sees. WAY precedes/supercedes the things we see as “edgey” coverage of the elections now. Some of it is interesting looking back w/ the benefit of seeing how it all worked out in the end. Best part? 1. He’s not really on ANYONE’s side; 2. He comments in the introduction that there are publishing people about to shit themselves in the room at that moment because he’s writing a wondering introduction instead of finishing the last chapter (which hadn’t been written) as they are going to press in 24 hours! Heh.

The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman 1955-1967 (HST) This is the reason I started a blog. HST used to write 4-10 letters a day. Now back then, keep in mind he wrote on a typewriter. He’d use carbons and he’d keep copies. He wrote everyone from pals to companies to presidents talking about whatever the hell came to his head. Mostly his observations. Almost all are intriguing, if the writing style wasn’t enough by itself. It reads like...well, like if you had a blog AND emails AND you contacted EVERYONE under the sun that got your mind spinning. Mad, happy, sad, whatever. Its pretty amazing to see a mind work and it makes me wanna write with that same level of personality and scrutiny.

God, I need more free time! Heh.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Ok, So my boss gives me an assignment. I have to write a brief on this case I don’t know ANYTHING about. Sooo, lets do the numbers:

Number of Briefs due this week: 1
Number of feet long this file is: 2'
Money I will get on this matter: $0
Trials coming this week: 1
Settlements to handle: 3
Settlement offers to get out: 8
Books bought for “leisure time”: 4

Ugh. I feel the water rising on me. Let’s talk about something else ...

Ok, So my boss gives me an assignment. I have to write a brief on this case I don’t know ANYTHING about. Sooo, lets do the numbers:

Number of Briefs due this week: 1
Number of feet long this file is: 2'
Money I will get on this matter: $0
Trials coming this week: 1
Settlements to handle: 3
Settlement offers to get out: 8
Books bought for “leisure time”: 4

Ugh. I feel the water rising on me. Let’s talk about something else ...

Jesus, what a day. I’m hoping to find a way to let you, gentle reader, leave commentary on what your see here. Anyway, Monday was just awful. I got next to nothing done. Sometimes I forget how prone to inaction defendants can be.

As I started to leave, one mother of a storm kicked up. It only lasted maybe an hour but it was pretty bad. Terrible winds knocked down some GIANT tree limbs and I (and david) had no power for most of the night. My dear sweet Federica (Fred) thinks we have our power knocked out every other week I think! Its not that bad, but Monday I saw more than one 1' diameter limb knocked from its tree. I stayed at JasN & Kelly’s place and that was nice because my LEAST favorite thing could be avoided: Summertime, no power, humidity. All you can do is just lay there and sweat. Luckily I’ve only experienced this a hand full of times, but it stinks.