Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Jesus, what a day. I’m hoping to find a way to let you, gentle reader, leave commentary on what your see here. Anyway, Monday was just awful. I got next to nothing done. Sometimes I forget how prone to inaction defendants can be.

As I started to leave, one mother of a storm kicked up. It only lasted maybe an hour but it was pretty bad. Terrible winds knocked down some GIANT tree limbs and I (and david) had no power for most of the night. My dear sweet Federica (Fred) thinks we have our power knocked out every other week I think! Its not that bad, but Monday I saw more than one 1' diameter limb knocked from its tree. I stayed at JasN & Kelly’s place and that was nice because my LEAST favorite thing could be avoided: Summertime, no power, humidity. All you can do is just lay there and sweat. Luckily I’ve only experienced this a hand full of times, but it stinks.

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