Sunday, June 08, 2003

What a drag. Trial is coming up tomorrow and I have about 1000 things to do. Paper is due too and I have less time to do that. About 1000 things to do around my house and I can’t even touch that stuff yet. Feeling kinda lonely today, but that’s to be expected when your best lady pal is about 2200 miles away and getting more and more frustrated by the minute as to why everything she’s doing isn’t falling into place as it should.

See, the thing is, we are planning/having a formal wedding. Its August 31st and that’s about 84 days away. It was gonna be in November originally. That’s cutting 2 months off of a already difficult process.

Those immediate drags out of the way, brings us to more big picture drags. The more I read about the political climate and possibilities facing this nation, the more depressed I get. I don’t recall but a few occasions where politics depressed me, and in some ways I get that feeling every week now. I’ve always considered myself a ‘true believer’–someone that always thinks “there’s a way out” no matter how bleak it gets. That hasn’t completely fallen away, but I do worry a great deal more. I also wonder ‘how’? I just don’t know ‘how’ sometimes...I try to think about how bad, how HARD it was back years ago. when labor unions were thought to be a tresspass against the will of GOD! The effort to make the law see all people as citizens in full. the difficulties of our day sometimes seem trivial...but that's just the trouble. First off, we shouldn't feel guilt because its easier now. that is a state of nature and you cannot get around that. HOWEVER, the problem is that when its somewhat better, the complacency builds. its seen as "not all THAT bad" so its ok for the public to let things slide...and that's just where we are.

The sun is going down and feel like running out that door and running away. Even when you don’t or can’t run away, it sure is nice to think about it.

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