Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Sometimes when I get up, I’m certain that an extra 5 minutes would give me just the rest I need. The problem is that I have my mornings cut so close, so that I can have my extra sleep, that every minute I stay in bed–I know will turn into literal minutes I’m late. That being said, I think its all psychological (the need).

Wedding bells. It seems that Federica and I are now going to be married on August 31, 2003. Official notices will be forthcoming. After much pain and trouble, the deed will be done and life can move forward (for the better).

I HOPE to soon make this a little more commentary and a little less Journal. I have been getting badgered to do some writing, maybe a column and I think It would be good. I MAY just write here and send the good stuff on to print, OR take t he stuff that’s printed and put it here too. I’ve been getting a little more inspired by reading Hunter S. Thompson lately...particularly on technique. Speaking of reading, I seem to run the gambit lately:

Alias, Daredevil, Hulk, Global Frequency, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Powers, and a few others being the most recent buys.

Theodore Rex (Edmund Morris) –This is a Presidential Years biography of my favorite Republican. This guy’s first bio of Teddy won a Pulitzer. Teddy Roosevelt is my dad’s favorite President, which I think is cool, since he’s not one of the 3 knee-jerk picks (FDR, Reagan, Kennedy depending on your disposition). My favorite is Lyndon Johnson, by the way–Mostly due to his mastery of influence. I find his techniques something to study.

Pimp (Iceberg Slim)–Rapper Ice T used to love Slim when he was in school. He would recite lines from the book to amuse his classmates and they called him “Iceberg” which got shortened to his rap name over time. Pimp is the story of a guy’s decent into the street and what it was like living that life. He tells it as a man that knew it was a no good life but doesn’t pretend that it didn’t (and doesn’t now) hold an appeal. He survived it all and wrote a few books. So far, I don’t think it glamorizes street life as much as he gives you an account of how it looked to him at the time he was in it. Certainly a frank discussion of unpleasant lives

Fear & Loathing on the Campaign Trail ‘72 (Hunter S. Thompson). HST is out of his damn mind. Here he follows the 72 election, sending weekly notes on what he sees. WAY precedes/supercedes the things we see as “edgey” coverage of the elections now. Some of it is interesting looking back w/ the benefit of seeing how it all worked out in the end. Best part? 1. He’s not really on ANYONE’s side; 2. He comments in the introduction that there are publishing people about to shit themselves in the room at that moment because he’s writing a wondering introduction instead of finishing the last chapter (which hadn’t been written) as they are going to press in 24 hours! Heh.

The Proud Highway: Saga of a Desperate Southern Gentleman 1955-1967 (HST) This is the reason I started a blog. HST used to write 4-10 letters a day. Now back then, keep in mind he wrote on a typewriter. He’d use carbons and he’d keep copies. He wrote everyone from pals to companies to presidents talking about whatever the hell came to his head. Mostly his observations. Almost all are intriguing, if the writing style wasn’t enough by itself. It reads like...well, like if you had a blog AND emails AND you contacted EVERYONE under the sun that got your mind spinning. Mad, happy, sad, whatever. Its pretty amazing to see a mind work and it makes me wanna write with that same level of personality and scrutiny.

God, I need more free time! Heh.

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