Friday, June 06, 2003


Jackson is attending a wake right least my part of Jackson is. Musiquarium is gone and many of us just don’t have an alternative place to go. Sure there are other places we DO go, but we went there anyway when we did not want the comfort of our MQ home. Its odd seeing regulars out elsewhere. Its not as if we never saw them outside the bar, but the question comes up...”so, is this where you are hanging out now?” The answer is always no, because no one HAS anywhere else to go. I know there are other places and there will be new places, but there is no other bar that was at the same time impressive to anyone that saw it, AND unmistakably “your” place (or mine in my case). Never had a place that great to call home. It was interesting to see a beer joint as considered ‘sophisticated’...and it was. Beer tastings, Book readings, bands of EVERY sort, and my friends--Always there. In a way, I really don’t know what to do with myself now. I don’t know where to go when I go out. Every other place I went to in town was because I was seeking out something specific at that bar, not because I wanted to go hang out there. I feel sorta lonely about the whole matter and I don’t like it one damn bit.

11pm and I’m at the job. Took a break to eat and get a few thoughts out here. I’m going to trial Monday. David volunteered to help with the prep this weekend, and I think I’m gonna take him up on it. Its short and 2 heads working on it will let me get back to the house (a disaster I’m fixing). Tonite is likely gonna be an allniter where I work on a paper like I’m some sort of student. My boss wants me to write a brief, and I’m barely into it (A brief is like a legal position paper that you give to a judge to additionally argue your side of an issue before him/her). What sucks is that I have had to learn what the hell the case is about and THEN do the research. Worst part of it all? I can bet you money that my boss, while wanting it Friday will not take a glance at it until Monday.

Stream of consciousness:

“In My Life” (Beatles) is the best sentimental song there is and maybe their best song (tho Norwegian Wood gets a mention from me). The best album cover of all time is on “With The Beatles,” and I’m more of a Stones Guy anyway. The best song for happy drinking is “Tumblin’ Dice” (The Rolling Stones). The best song for disregard of serious matters that need your attention (while drinking) is “Before They Make Me Run” (The Rolling Stones) and the best song for sad heart broken drinking is “One For My Baby” By Sinatra. I would go as far as to say that no one should be allowed to ever record that song again.

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