Thursday, June 12, 2003

Malaise is the best way to describe my recent feelings. I cannot fathom a better way to describe my emotional, mental, and professional state. As work goes, I’m TRYING to get around the bend. There is SO MUCH to do this summer before labor day and I’m getting there. I see solutions around the bend.

that being said, lets look over here-->

This is the best cocktail of all time. Unfortunately, the Liquer involved is hard to come by. I get mine in New Orleans or Baton Rouge, as it’s the only places I’m sure to find it. Asking my local booze shop to get some though. (Might I recommend Citadel Gin also). This drink ranks up there with the Gimlet as one of those drinks that taste so good that the Gin nay-sayers even like ‘em (ask David). Martinis on the other hand are not for kids, and I plan to enjoy some of that icy bliss today when I leave work. While I’m not the connoisseur of beer and wine that my friends are, cocktails intrigue me. Mr. Mooch prefers more tropical fare. He likes Mojito's like Federica.

*In RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP, Clark Gable’s wife offers guests “a slug of gin” and I always got a kick out of that phrase, so if you hear me say it, you’ll be in the know that I’m giving a secret nod to a movie

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