Thursday, June 26, 2003

Well, it seems that the archaic ban on certain types of sex between consenting adults has been banned. the court ruled 6-3 against a Texas Law that banned consentual sexual relations between people of the same sex. this is one of a few states (formerly ALL states) that still have laws banning various forms of sex. Scalia, Thomas, and Renquist dissented. Evidently Scalia felt so strongly about his dissent that he read it aloud to the court. he stated (in part):

"The court has taken sides in the culture war," adding that he has "nothing against homosexuals."

I'm sorry Justice Scalia. You are a liar. more importantly, you are a coward because you hide the truth of your convictions.

On another note, the comment section here appears to be getting a much needed overhaul. thanks for the patience

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