Friday, May 25, 2007

Morgue Data Show Increase In Sectarian Killings in Iraq

OK, here's what we have to consider:
since the surge, there are now more dead US soldiers. not just in total number, but in the rate that they are occurring.
Pairing that with the link above, you can see the sectarian violence/civil war is getting more and more deadly. this a failure of the 'surge' policy, or is this the natural result when violent people come in conflict with an increased military/law enforcing presence?


Rocho said...


More people cause more conflicts so an escalation should be expected with a surge.

But, an ineffectual surge policy would make the situation worse. That is, if the surge were substantial, say enough to subdue, then a short term increase in causalities would give way to serious reductions in violence.

Polly said...

so do you follow the McCain view? do the surge, but do it bigger than this or it is doomed to fail?

Rocho said...

I don't know from McCain's view. And, I am not generally in support of the entire project but if we are going to do this we should do it fully, not the slapdash manner that we are. Our current plan looks to only make things worse.

I just get really annoyed about all the rhetoric of war and sacrifice without any real drive in that direction. If we are at war, why don't we act like it? If we have to sacrifice our civil liberties, why not other things as well? How can we possibly lower taxes while we are at "war"?