Friday, August 22, 2008

Oh I Like This

Oh, i like this! Time Magazine seems to think Mitt Romney is about to be named McCain's VP pick.
This is more than just a little great if it is coming out.

1. McCain doesn't like him
2. Evangelicals don't trust him because he basically switched to 'their side' when he decided to run for president.
3. If this is about to break it screws the PRIMO news cycle he had coming.

See, after the olympics the Dem convention is gonna saturate the news. lots of room for gaffs with the clintons and no need to introduce anything new. it won't be helpful. BUT when they finish
the time allows them a late week reveal of the VP, a prolonged stretch through the weekend to make news over the VP pick and start hitting on weaknesses that develop out of the convention. Next you have the GOP convention to further dominate the news cycle. this would not only step on Obama's post convention bump, but prolong McCain's.

...that is, unless the story is breaking now. heh. I hope they are that stupid. i don't think they are, this makes me think 'false alarm'. However, this is the 'regular guy' that couldn't answer the question "how many houses do you and your wife own?"

Yeah, good thing he isn't an elitist like Obama. going to school on student loans because he's so rich. yeah. exactly.


Atheist said...

Obama will be killed either before or shortly after the election.

Rassist america cannot have an black president.

And everynone who denies this should read:
"The history of the american people" by Howard Zinn.

Polly said...

nah. that's the last thing i'm worried about. Hell, Mississippi had the first black US Senator in the 1800s. yeah, i'm not really worried about your concerns here.