Sunday, August 03, 2008

Local Suppor Running...thin?

In Mississippi, the premiere summer political event is the Neshoba County Fair. Politicians from local mayors to Ronald Reagan have come to the fair to speak. This year was no different.

well, sorta. This year, it seems one of the most decent Republicans fielded in years, John McCain, didn't have enough support to muster A SIGN AT THE WHOLE FAIRGROUNDS. that's pretty unheard of in an election year. The GOP feels he isn't one of them and he will likely lose now, appealing to the very low road constituents that really hate this man.

I feel bad for him.

Not because i think/hope he will lose, but because he knows the company he keeps demands the most loathesome of characters and he's had to try to taint his own character to be the brand of degenerate they've come to expect. 8 years of ebracing the the division and shaming of America is hard for all of us to overcome. IT has gotten to the point where these poor souls don't know how to react when they don't get to embrace a shameful standard they've come to accept as proper and desirable. I think the world may be done with its bleeding.

Leeches prayers for hate are not medicine.

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