Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Republican Oil Plan, in General

You know, there have been various ideas about energy policy, oil prices, gasoline, etc by both parties for the last few years. Not to sound overly dismissive, but has ANYTHING been done or planned by ANY of the Republicans in the last 7.5 years that made the fuel cost situation better? Has anything EVER come along in that time that benefited the consumer over the oil industry? heck, how about just if it was evenly good for both of us? outside of the bogus impossibility of 'drill now' [There's no physical way to drill 'now']? You will have to excuse me if i hold my wallet a little tighter when you guys walk by with your ideas on gasoline prices.

For that matter, have you ever noticed that the big complaint about Democratic oil policy plans always wrap around how we Dems will make the cost of everything skyrocket? the same GOP that thinks 40MPG cars as a standard somehow will do us harm. they're the ones that have made my food prices spike by their conservative prudence. Lunch prices on my lunch menu today have gone up by 40%. Thanks, jerks

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