Monday, July 14, 2008

Good and decide!

OK, you should watch this. It is an interview from a couple of years ago with the President. It was conducted in the UK. it is worth watching just to see the depth here. I'm serious. we'd just found ourselves in a serious position in a serious war. The President is asked some straight questions and you will be shocked by his answers. Sharp as a tack, and completely informed. watch this and tell me if this isn't a President fully engaged in the how/what/why of the serious times he leads us through.

On another note, i found this interesting news footage about yet another American natural disaster.

Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Disastrous Presidency


Polly said...

When i watch that first video, his manner seems like that of someone speaking to a child. not as if he's being childish, but rather as if he's dumbing down his words so that the complexity could be, at least in part, given to the listener. watch his face as he tries to denote positives in his comments. its the way you'd comport yourself if you were telling a little boy "but AFTER the doctor's office, we'll get ice cream. who doesn't like ice cream?"

The problem is, he's not speaking to a child. she clearly does not care for his tone and thin substance. when she tries to redirect after several pregnant pauses, he gets put out that she's cutting him off. the problem is, he's clearly not been cut off. he just doesn't like the fact someone isn't giving his every word some sort of final deference. note how time after time, when he insists that she lets him finish his answer, he simply restates his previous comment and, as you can see on his face, fishes for an extra positive, often completely unrelated, to try and counter any suggested critique. as you can tell, he was still in Iraq = 9/11 mode.

If he isn't impeached, and that is fine, we should never impeach any president ever, for the rest of this nation's existence. I don't think i know, any longer, what an impeachable offense is. I don't think anyone else does either.

brd said...

When my children wanted to watch idiotic TV shows, sometimes I would not allow them to do so. I told them that the show represented an exaltation of ignorance. If I had been a strict parent, their TV watching and video game playing would have been almost entirely restricted to public broadcasting and video chess.

However, a nation lulled into idiot complacency by a lunatic entertainment industry (is that too harsh?) doesn't even notice blatant intellectual and logical ineptitude.

Contrast B. Obama. I am amazed at his grace and intelligent patterns of communication.

Polly said...

Honestly, not to be mean, but there were too many people (for years) with too much to gain by keeping their mouths shut regarding 'the emperor's new clothes'. either out of personal/political profit or fear.

of course, that sort of acquiescence from political leaders, religious leaders, and taste-makers can influence a nation. NEVER let yourself forget that the religious right regarded this man as the restoration of Christ and Godliness to the Government. don't believe me? Rent the documentary "Jesus Camp" and note the scene with the cardboard cutout.

brd said...

Speaking of Jesus, does the whole right wing religio/politico coalition remind you at all of the Pharisee/Sanhedrin connection?