Monday, July 07, 2003

Yeesh. ok, i have this project that i was doing for the boss. it was due to him a little while back. conflicting schedules and my forgetfulness made me MEGA late in showing it to my boss for final review. i was gonna go over it w/ him Thursday before the weekend, but wouldn't you boss leaves early. holiday. now i have to present it to him today--the day its due to the Mississippi Supreme Court! As you can imagine, my boss would like a bigger cushion...

So my boss...i can't tell how pissed he is, and i think we'll see in a bit when he decides how great/screwed up the brief is, just what it'll take to fix it, and how well the fixin' goes. basically, i didn't ruin anything but its a question of how hard i made things on us. great.

Anyway, so i go to the office to touch the piece of work up last nite. i get a late start. i start getting a little nervous over it. i start scrutenizing everything. i write and re-write. next thing you know, i've stayed up all nite. i'm tired, but i have such adrenaline going its not affecting me.

Now, looking at the paper, i tried to fancy it up and make it a bit biting. i think this is VERY outta the ordinary for my boss and he's reading it like someone from lit class wrote his legal document. Not good. I have made some poor word choices perhaps, but still don't know how bad or good.

yeesh. technically, the whip hasn't come down, so to speak, but my head's reeling and i'm typing as fast as i ever have in these minutes i have before i jump back in. ah. is that a fax machine buzzing...?

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