Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Savage nation OK, everyone should read this. This JERK from the SF bay area is on the radio nationally... here too. He had a TV show on MSNBC and he just got fired. READ what this guy said on air. the amazing thing is that he says WORSE than this EVERYDAY. As if MSNBC were somehow unaware of this guy's positions. they weren't. what they wanted is to be/seem more conservative. they got JUST what they asked for, and didn't like it after all. I have to say, this guy is maybe the single worst voice to ever grace our various media outlets. I do not recall anyone in the history of radio/television that has uttered more destructive views to a (sadly) growing following. one of the few people i'd like to try and boycott of the air, as he really does not offer anything to the 'marketplace of ideas'.

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