Monday, July 21, 2003

I watched Apocolypse Now the other day. I really like that movie, in part because its based on Heart of Darkness. I was talking with Adam the other day and realized HoD is my favorite work of fiction. I read it so long ago, i admit i'm a little rusty on the details...Hell! I don't even own a copy anymore! In watching the movie, i recalled the central conflict in the story...or rather the hypocrisy. The 'civilized' leaders wanted Kurtz removed from his position of power. He was too embedded in the dark place where he worked. it had made him crazy and uncivilized. the trick is that he was doing just what he was supposed to do there...and better than anyone ever had done the job. the irony is that you aren't any good to the powers that be if you are too good at it. you become like THEM (natives).

In my first trial i used 4 words...the last lines uttered by Kurtz in my opening statement.

The Horror. The Horror.

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