Thursday, July 17, 2003

Democrat: Bush Official Wanted Iraq Claim (

Well, it looks like they weren't happy w/ the evidence they had, so they demanded the CIA allow bogus intelligence into the President's most important speech in making the case for war. As it turns out, the rationale was that the President told the truth since the literal meaning of the statement was that the British passed on the info regarding attempted purchase of Uranium. The problem with that is that the claim was known to be bogus and it was presented to illustrate a threat to peace. it was presented as the truth, and it was not the truth. Interestingly, at around this same time, the administration was giving Haliburton a $7 Billion deal to help with the clean-up after the war--all without the required competative bidding process. Moreover, this is the same Haliburton that STILL pays Dick Cheney $1 Million a year. Oh, and that's the same Dick Cheney that dispached a delegation to check into the Niger/Uranium issue and then received the report that it was bogus.

A Republican Senator recently said "This isn't Watergate". I agree. Watergate didn't involved lying to the American People, the UN, and the citizens of the world about an imminent millitary threat and starting a war based on those lives. Watergate didn't give us over 1000 americans wounded or killed. White House spokesman Scott McClellan said: "The whole idea that the threat posed by Saddam Hussein was not real was something that was never under debate previously. This is an attempt to continue to rewrite history." What the hell does that mean? the whole point is that we HAD no debate b/c the premesis of a threat was accepted as real b/c the CIA and the President told us so. Now we find they were lying...don't be suprised we are mad!

Our President lied. he should stop blaming everyone in sight and take responsibility for what he did. He lied making the case for war. He gave his corporate supporters a sweetheart deal that was built on the graves of our soldiers, and he figured that was ok because Saddam was an S.O.B. Saddam being an S.O.B. doesn't give him the right to make war out of thin air and government contracts. If this President lied to the public in providing the basis of starting a war, I would call it a high crime. I think the question needs to be asked more directly: Did he knowingly mislead us to go to war? I believe he did.

Unless he comes up with some answers (and I mean HIM, not his surrogates that know how to speak), I think the President should resign or be impeached.

I'm not happy right now.

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