Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Saw League of Extraordinary Gentlemen last nite...
I thought it was good. It was good, mindless summer fun and did not really exceed or fall below my expectations. David had bemoaned the F/X as looking bad. He was wrong. the special effects were top notch actually, and certainly head and shoulders above some i've seen (think about the end of THE MUMMY RETURNS--yeesh!). I knew the story was loosely based on a comic that I like very much and I know (and like) the work of the writer James Robinson.

This movie is as much an adaptation of the ABC line of comics as it is the LoEG comic itself. The story is VERY much in the vein of the "Science Heroes," Neo-Pulp style found in America's Best Comics (ABC). If you like that, then that is exactly what you are getting on the screen. of course, sometimes things read better than they appear on a screen (Capt. America). One complaint. Tom Sawyer. character and acter were fine and worked ok. I just don't like the idea that we Americans need a character from the USA to relate (note: Star Wars had no Americans in it and did ok). I give it a B-

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