Wednesday, July 02, 2003

In his 1989 memoir, Dr. Frist, the heart surgeon and Senate majority leader, confessed that at Harvard Medical School, he used to adopt stray cats at shelters, take them home and slice and dice them for practice.
"It was, of course, a heinous and dishonest thing to do," he wrote. "And I was totally schizoid about the entire matter. By day, I was little Billy Frist, the boy who lived on Bowling Avenue in Nashville and had decided to become a doctor because of his gentle father and a dog named Scratchy. By night, I was Dr. William Harrison Frist, future cardiothoracic surgeon, who was not going to let a few sentiments about cute, furry little creatures stand in the way of his career. In short, I was going a little crazy."
–from the NY Times. Heh. Frist is a nutjob!

and from James Carville, speaking on Gay Rights issues and the next election. Some serious things to think through..

"Their base is all gassed up, screaming that God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," he says. But he thinks the Democrats and gay activists would make a mistake "falling into Frist's trap" and making a stand on gay marriage now. "I don't care who gets married," he says, "but the Republicans will use this to divide the Democrats and reduce us to an accumulation of interest groups —— a woman's right to choose, a kid's right to education, a transgender's right to whatever."

I don’t think backing away from the issue is gonna solve it, but I’m not down for a righteous defeat right now. “DO SOMETHING” doesn’t mean do something stupid.

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