Thursday, July 31, 2003

The Digital Age

Tossed BellSouth and got a GREAT/CHEAP phone service--Expetel! Basic home phone service w/o frills is $15. Next i got rid of my DSL for a cable modem. Well, Timewarner cable must be trying to move everyone to digital cable, because i just got a package of a cable modem and digital cable TV for $87 a month. together that will likely cut my bills by 40%!

Anyway, so i get in w/ my new goodies. Hook up my cable box, and what do you know... they gave me the wrong box. They gave me one that gives me ALL the movie channels (no indemand or PPV tho). its STUPID! before i left, i confirmed what package i got to make sure i wouldn't be over charged, so right on with the luck! the problem is that its overwhelming at first (and still is). Almost that I feel i have too much. i must have 350+ channels now. No joke. how the hell do i look to see what's on for 350+ channels?! I think i spent 20 min. at prime time just looking to see what was on. its like an overload...

VH1 classics is fun--(so THAT's what Kansas looks like! yeesh!). I get revel in being dated! you know, our generation was the first of the modern rock era that grew up with stations playing nothing but nostalgia. I think this is why we've got a compacted timespan of

I like MTV2 (oddly, JasN has no cable but gets MTV2 on his rabbit ears!?!). i went to bed early, so i barely know what else i have on there!

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