Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Howard Dean's Low-Rent Allure - Taking a ride on McFun with the presidential candidate.

"The president's not popular because of his issues, so we should stop co-opting those issues. The president's popular because people think he's a strong leader. That's what you have to get by in order to become president." The obvious implication: I'm a strong leader, and that's why I've attracted this odd coalition of Greens, Democrats, Perotistas, and McCainiacs to my candidacy

--From Howard Dean, Presidential Candidate. VERY true. One of the best statements about Democrats and today I've heard in a long while. Last night i was talking to my dearest and she was saying that my blog was making me sound sorta dreary on politics. She was concerned about how something that i'm so into seemed to be bringing me down.

it got me to think. i believe its overexposure to the 'bad' out there and not enough time dedicated to thinking about solutions. the solutions really are my idea of fighting back. without the solutions it seems i'm just losing. That being said, reading the above quote made me feel better. I need to start looking more for my answers than my questions.

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