Tuesday, July 29, 2003

I'm listening to The White Stripes again. (Elephant). At times its like i'm listening to The Who. bombastic with a voice that alternates between calm and rowdy. Other parts of the record are alternately tender and boisterous. "In the Cold Cold Night" sounds like a snooping, sneaky voice telling me what i want to hear. "Ball & Biscuit" is one of the best blues songs in recent years (though it gets a bit rockin' to call it a straight blues song--none-the-less, the lyrics are straight blues). "Seven Nation Army" is song of the year for me. This has to be one of the most balanced, well paced, and exciting new albums i've had in years.

Listened to Granddaddy the other day. actually downloaded their recent video. Just couldn't get into it.

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