Monday, September 05, 2005

Yes, you can still get a drink in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (Reuters) -- At least two bars in New Orleans' fabled French Quarter are honoring the tradition that drinking establishments in the boisterous tourist district stay open during hurricanes, even apocalyptic monsters like Hurricane Katrina.

Molly's at the Market shut down the evening of August 28 as Katrina bore down on New Orleans. The storm struck the city with damaging winds that night, then floodwaters began to seep in through levee breaches on the north end of town the next day.

Except for wind damage, the Quarter stayed high and dry and so did Molly's and Johnny White's. And both were back in business Monday, August 29, with little apparent damage despite a lack of electricity and running water.

'That's our job. That's just what we do,' Molly's owner Jim Monaghan, 47, said.

Molly's somehow managed to serve iced drinks Sunday to a mixed crowd of die-hard locals, visiting authorities and the media gaggle. Monaghan wouldn't say where he got the ice, and any inquisitors didn't much care.

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