Thursday, September 22, 2005

FINALLY Car Manufacturers are Paying Attention...

Joel Makower Reports:

On Wednesday, Bill Ford, chairman of his eponymous car company, announced that gas-electric hybrid engines will be available in “more than half” of all Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles by 2010. Ford says his company will produce 250,000 hybrid vehicles annually by 2010, an order of magnitude greater than the roughly 24,000 hybrids it now produces annually.


Ford also said it would:
  • Promote flexible fuel vehicles and help build an ethanol infrastructure in the Midwest;
  • Develop a pilot program to offset any carbon emissions involved with the actual production of hybrid vehicles; and
  • Conduct a pilot consumer education program to encourage consumers to reduce carbon emissions.
That is to say: Ford isn’t just greening its cars. It’s looking at ways to green its manufacturing operations as well as its marketing communications. It’s a bold move. There’s no question that Ford was feeling the heat -- from competitors, from activists, and from its own shareholders.

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Dr. Geekos said...

When will the US finally sign the Kyoto - Protocoll ?