Friday, September 09, 2005

Anybody see The Daily Show? PLUS UPDATES!

I did, and i saw one of my happiest moments in Mississippi. Dick Cheney was down here for a post storm photo-op...only The Daily Show had the full feed where disgruntled Mississippians started yelling (while the cameras were rolling) that Cheney should go fuck himself.

In his defense, cheney did say he was watching this whole week with his eyes glued to the TV. you know, i mean, he's just the VP, its not like he could have done anything more helpful than watch TV.

yeah, you're right. Cheney...go fuck yourself.

JUST IN! you can see the video HERE (uncensored) via my pal at Magnolia Politics and crooks and Liars.

Hell, The Daily Show is on a Roll. check THIS out. OUTSTANDING.

OK, one more if you wanna see somebody squirm.


The Hud said...

I saw it and it was great.

Polly said...

what a great way to end my 'break from the news' day. (note, i saw this story after midnite, so it was officially the next day!)

Anonymous said...

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Dr. Geekos said...

Dick Chenney is what his first name says: he is a DICK. And this boss somehow looks like the missing link between a human and a monkey - Sorry , I don't want to insult the monkeys.

I recently have read a interview with a german politician who said: "Bush should be shot for what he (not) did in New Orleans."

Actually with "Bush should be shot" he means that he should resign and admit that he is responsible for all that chaos that happened in New Orleans - and still is happening.

No Chancellor would politically survive such a obvious display of incompetence.