Friday, September 16, 2005

E-mail suggests government seeking to blame ENVIRONMENTAL groups

The Clarion Ledger seems to have unearthed an internal email of the US Dept. of Justice. In the letter our Esteemed department of justice is shown to be fishing around for environmental groups to blame for the breaking of the levee in New Orleans.

In Bushworld EVERYTHING is political and EVERYTHING is built around an interest group fight. nothing is too petty for making political hay and a blame shift. Notice this comes as KARL ROVE is put in charge of the 're-build'? Who at the Dept. of Justice was was going to use this and what POSSIBLE use could there be other than finger pointing? I'm not so naive to be shocked by such tactics, but i do not care for the Department of Justice turning tricks for political hacks that want to blame environmentalists for the levees breaking. That's the sort of work Karl Rove does, and isn't he busy on the re-construction effort?

...HEY! wait a minute!!?!!


Anonymous said...

Yah my dad just hit me with this over the weekend. I just emailed him the link, lets see what he says to now.


Polly said...

yeah, it probably WAS the environmentalists trying to stop 'em. it couldn't POSSIBLY the 5 years of Pres/Congress de-funding the levee system down in New Orleans.

no, that couldn't possibly be it.