Tuesday, September 06, 2005

GOP Politicians Will Help Get Relief Funds for MS First.

This is pretty unfair. I live in Mississippi. I've spent a week without power. Our state knows trouble, but we do not have the level of devistation that's occured in New Orleans. This is not to downplay the utter destruction we have in Mississippi. there are scores of towns and communities that have been simply washed away. the situation here REMAINS desperate, but to divert funds away from New Orleans and Louisiana, particularly because their senior senator and governor are Democrats is pretty unseemly. The government should be working where needed, as needed. No one should expect any more or less.

AOL News - GOP Politicians Will Help Get Relief Funds: "WASHINGTON (AP) - A triumvirate of Republican power brokers may give Mississippi first dibs in the post-Hurricane Katrina grab for federal disaster funds even though the federal government focused its initial response to the storm on New Orleans.

The state's senior senator, Thad Cochran, is the new chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, the panel charged with determining how much and where the recovery money will be spent."

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