Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bush's Crisis Itinerary at Mercy of Weather, Even Nice Weather

And they used to say Clinton tried to govern by whatever the Polls said. HA! i wish we had it that good! Bush can't decide where to do his job unless the photo-op is just right.

SAN ANTONIO, Sept. 23 - President Bush was supposed to land here on Friday afternoon on the first stop of a tour intended to make clear that he was personally overseeing the federal government's preparations for Hurricane Rita's landfall. But the weather did not cooperate.

It was too sunny.

Just minutes before Mr. Bush was scheduled to leave the White House, his aides in Washington scrubbed the stop in San Antonio. Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, explained that the search-and-rescue team that Mr. Bush had planned to meet and thank here in San Antonio was actually packing up to move closer to where the hurricane would strike.


Dr. Geekos said...

Did someone delete my posting here ?

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Is that the american definition of free speech ?

Dr. Geekos said...

Ok , I posted it somewhere else - sorry for accusing you of censorship.