Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Bush's First Attempt to Bring Aid was Just a Staged Photo Op.

Evidently CNN isn't reporting the story that the foreign press is covering. When Bush left at the "open air food dsitribution point" after his photo op, the whole charade was abandoned and dismantled. no more crews to film the faked set up, so why even bother?

It has also been reported that Condi Rice was busy in NYC during this disaster taking in a show and shoe shopping. audience members booed her as the lights came up and a woman was carted out of the shoe store for asking how she dared to shoe shop when people were dying in New Orleans.

Seems the Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff claims he DIDN'T KNOW it would be so bad down in New Orleans. His words? The Storm (one of the strongest on record) “exceeded the foresight of the planners, and maybe anybody's foresight.” Actually no. it didn'tIf you're that stupid, you should be fired now.

**The thing that should be most alarming for ANYONE outside of this storm ravaged area is the quote above. ALL OF THE PLANNERS knew or should have known about this. if your city (Seattle, LA, San Fran, NYC, etc) is hit by a terrorist attack. I mean something serious like a dirty bomb that requires a city to be evacuated from the radiation, this is AS GOOD AS YOU CAN EXPECT TO HAVE IT. Unlike a hurricane, a bomb won't be satellite tracked for weeks with a count down to its occurance. THESE PEOPLE are in charge of our public welfare and they are woefully incompetent. They clearly had no plan. NO PLAN and no willingness to react to a disaster!

Tom Tomorrow hit it dead on when he said "I guess this is what you get when you elect leaders ideologically committed to the notion that government isn't good for anything."

Bush is here with the Money Quotes for the week:

1. After ordering Air Force One to do a low flyover the city (on the way back from a fundraiser vacation--you know, important stuff). Our President was quoted as saying "This was a natural disaster.” (evidently he later correctly identified the color blue and the Letter "G").

2. I don't think anyone anticipated the breach of the levees.GOOD GOD! that is the entire fear associated with Hurricanes and New Orleans over the last few decades (centuries?). I don't want to hear that shit from President "Notmyfault" Bush.

***I'm tired of this man-child playing president like a kid plays 'army' by putting on an old G.I.'s helmet. We have to get the grown-ups back in charge. This is a nation of living breathing people. Not a political football that gets passed when the photo ops dry up.


Tabetha said...

Wow, I hadn't heard that about the staged food distribution site. Why not go all the way and hire actors to play the refugees?

I love how people are defending Condi, too. "What could she have done, she's the Secretary of State?" Um, I dunno. Maybe she could have gotten on the horn to our allies and started arranging for help? At the very least, it's tacky to be living the high life while people are dying, and the circus of an administration of which you're a part is failing so miserably at coming to their aid. Ever hear of "Be part of the solution?"

"What was she supposed to do, it's not her job", my ass. Isn't it part of all of our jobs to be human beings?

Polly said...

EXACTLY! you're an actor! you could have a job down in the big easy for the day! i'd have made you a Hurricane for that "off camera" time*. those are such good drinks! as for Condi, i heard that too! what could she do? oh, how about anything?! i hear she has some pull in DC, but you know, maybe that's exaggerated.

OH, and you're right about that "not my job" crap. anytime people are dying and you wanna say "that's not my job" its not the right answer. notice its not the answer she's giving, so here's my retort to the wingnuts that are defending her:

"Well, obviously she's deeply shamed by how little she's done. perhaps we should give her time to think about her actions. What? not her job? now if that's true, she'd have SAID that herself, right? She didn't. her silence on that front, we can only assume comes from her deep shame."

(sorry my sarcasm font isn't working here).

*NOTE, i used to be a professional actor (TV Commericals) and learned to love coffee on a particularly cold set!

Tabetha said...

Ah-ha! I have a theory that most lawyers are actors who got smart!

Polly said...

ooh! but what if i wasn't any good!? haw haw haw!

when i finished college a TV commercial i filmed as a High School teenager started airing in my local area. people were like "i saw this commercial, and it looked like you but the guy was WAY too young..."

haw haw haw!

i checked out your site (slap happy). is that your main emphasis or are you doing a variety of different stuff? very nice, plus you head shots from the site make you look sorta like a super hero!

Tabetha said...

Well, Slap Happy's a big commitment for me. We've been together for seven years now, and it's taken us all over the place (I have to admit, Amsterdam was the best!). But it's not exactly something that pays the bills.

I'll be performing with a new monthly show here in TO (neutrinotoronto.com), and directing, and auditioning for commercials and such. Plus, plus, plus. So, short answer - variety of stuff.

I like the 'super hero' thought! We got "Calvin Klein" alot when we did those shots, but never super hero. That's way better.

Polly said...

oh yeah, i totally saw the Calvin Klien CK look, but i thought you looked more super-hero like in your picture with your hands on your hips sorta wonder woman/superman style!