Thursday, September 22, 2005


The National Enquirer is reporting that our President has been taking this whole 'being a grown-up' thing pretty hard. Iraq is a mess, then the levees break after Katrina. Evidently 'round about that time, he decided to (secretly) hit the bottle. Supposedly he was caught by the First Lady who yelled "Stop, George!"

Now, this might be a minor story (assuming its true). The problem is that Bush is an Alcoholic, and we are at risk of having a drunk at the wheel.


Anonymous said...

Not to seem to be on ol' Bushies side or anything but this topic seems worthy of Karl Rove. It just seems like a low blow.


Polly said...

yes and no. it IS a low blow, but you know what? we have a president that is an Alcoholic. A president that spent the bulk of his adult life being a drunk and doing not much else.

Now i know that people can be productive after alcoholism, and that some can be productive WHILE being a drunk. President Bush was never one of those people. He was a drunk that ran businesses floated by campaign donor friends of his father. the same people that ALWAYS bought him out (for a profit) when he'd run the company of the month into the ground.

I think it is sorta sleazy, but i also think i should know if this recovering drunk is back on the sauce.

He campaigned in a message geared toward born again christians under the pretense that he'd sinned (was a drunk) and then got right with the lord and straightened himself out. if that was BS, well...

he said himself that he was told to choose between his family and the booze by Laura Bush. if he has re-thought that decsion, that may be a big deal.

ALSO note that my inside sources say the mainstream press was actually working on this story as well.