Friday, March 31, 2006

Wes Clark in 2008!!

Believe it.

Hotline On Call has the word:

"Too many people handicapping the Dem field aren't paying attention to Ret. Gen. Wes Clark. The guy has a monster travel schedule on behalf of other Dems. He's still the to-go talking head for Democratic national security events. He's doing the party's national radio address this Saturday.

And now his podcast is right now the most popular political podcast in the nation.

The third installment of Clark's audiotaped thoughts ranks ahead of Sean Hannity . It's more listened-to than Sen. Barack Obama's audio doodlings. Than ex-Sen. John Edwards's podcast, too.

Through a spokesman, Clark tells us: 'I am proud to be a part of the podcast evolution and pleased so many people care about being involved to the future of country by engaging in this medium.'"


Dr. Wagner said...

Man, I hope you're right. I met Wes Clark back during the 2004 campaign. He was an impressive speaker and extremely charismatic, unlike some other folks...who ran...and lost to Bush. I think he would be a solid candidate and someone you could get folks excited about. And he doesn't come off as erudite or elitist and no billionaire wives with thick foreign accents to get in the way. Let's face it; Theresa Heinz was not made for TV.

Polly said...

i knew some people who loved her (la federala) but that wasn't anything about what wins elections. as for clark. i think we have several good candidates, but i think he, and MAYBE former Va. Governor Warner are the only 2 that could beat McCain.

of course McCain's biggest enemy is the machinery of his own part, so...

i still don't think he's a cinch to be in....none the less, he's sure been kissin' bush's ass lately to court the faithful (all 50 of 'em that's left).

Frist is running away from success like its a track meet.

...and Hillary...ugh. she needs to sit tight.