Saturday, March 11, 2006

Son House - Death Letter Blues

I got a letter this morning.
How do you think it read?

It said 'Hurry Hurry'
The gal you love is dead.


bulb said...

Back when he was still indie cool, jack White did a creditable cover of this tune on De Stijl.

Buck Allred said...


On an unrelated note, have you seen this?


Polly said...

i saw. i say bring it on. the more restrictions, the harsher they are, the better.

only then will we have a national conversation about this again.

your thoughts?

Buck Allred said...

The "abortion ban" statute is ridiculous, no doubt.
But I am much more amazed at the treatment Rep. Fleming received on the JFP site than any discussion of the abortion ban statute. Not that the JFP regulars can be considered mainstream in any regard, political or otherwise, but their crucifixion of Fleming was pretty ridiculous, IMO, and doesn't take some stark political realities re: the landscape in MS into account. I am concerned that that interaction may be syptomatic of the Dems' greater problem of presenting a unified front in their efforts for success in the '06 elections.

Polly said...

there was no way erik was gonna get anything but flames over that. its just not a shock.

as for 2006, how do you mean? its not going to be a legislative issue, BUT if it is, it will play to the pro choice dems who've had 30 years of not having to worry about anything. the more extreme a few states act, the more of a motivator it will be in true swing districts like MO, PA, and WA

Buck Allred said...

My point is really not about the abortion ban as much as it is about the criticism of Fleming on the JFP site. Fleming is human, to be sure, and not all dems/liberals will agree with what he does. But he is in the trenches, fighting the good fight on an issue that is among the most difficult, politically/ethically/religiously/etc that exists. And his supposed allies are flaming him for what? Not being liberal enough? Would dems rather win while having had to make some concessions, or lose and feel very smug about not having compromised their values. The JFP folks aren't taking certain stark realities of MS politics into account. . . and are flaming their teammate as a result.

We would NEVER see repubs subjecting their guy to that sort of public rebuke, whether he/she deserved it or not. Is that honest? Maybe not. But does that sort of public roasting of a guy like Fleming advance the ball for the dems? I don't think so. The dems, locally and nationally, need to learn a thing or 2 from the repubs about solidarity and, to be blunt, about developing a winning strategy. I pretty much hate this batch of repubs, but I have to reluctantly give them credit for their brutal efficacy.