Tuesday, March 28, 2006

This Just Pisses Me Off.

It has been revealed that on WEEK that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Bush in the 2000 election, VP Dick Cheney contacted then Sec. of Defense Cohen. Cohen was reportedly shocked that the VP never wanted an overview of threats facing the nation or a review of any security matters.

All he wanted to know about was Iraq. This was January 2001. They walked in the door ready to cook the books. finally all the chickenhawks that were too afraid to fight in any war of their generation was ready to let someone else do their fighting for them.

...again. (click above and watch a facinating clip from tonight's Hardball--from MSNBC)


The Hud said...

Is this really a surprise? Considering The Project for New American Century's position on Iraq (the one they have held since at least 1998), should we have thought they member's of that group would want anything other than to invade Iraq?

Polly said...

the obvious desire for Iraq bothers me greatly, but the fact that they were taking over the government and weren't CONCERNED about being brought up to speed on any other issues....the fact that they were just on auto pilot with our security for the next 8 months...and that they try deny all this, i think even to themselves,in order to be cloaked as our 'protectors'...

These people are scum. they are the worst this nation has ever had as leaders. it just makes me so angry that they have betrayed everything i love.