Monday, March 27, 2006

Lara Logan is Wonderful

Watch this clip. It deals with the whole notion that the press coverage of Iraqi 'is all negative' and swaying public opinion. She even touches on a pet peeve of mine: all the right wingers in the press crying and moaning about negative Iraq coverage...just how many of THEM are doing these missing 'sunshine' stories. MORE to the point, just like the Chickenhawk politicians who never fear sending anyone ELSE to war, these right wing media chickenhawks SURE don't seem to interested in taking themselves over to Iraq to give us the 'real story'. The last line in this video is GREAT. note how Impressed Logan is with Laura Ingram.

Now think about this. 30 people were found be-headed in the last 24 hours in Iraq. where in the hell would that not lead in the news? OK, let me REALLY drive the point home here. just where in the world, peacetime or not, do we see pubic works projects and feel-good stories dominate the newscast? seriously. All these 'good stories' that the press somehow misses...just when has this sort of cover EVER existed in large measure...particularly in a war zone? If i hear one more person complain to me about the press coverage in Iraq, I'm gonna punch them. I'm sorry jackasses. Don't be surprised when Iraq doesn't suddenly become the first war zone/civil war dominated with stories about public works projects.

...AND ANOTHER THING!! don't be shocked that the reconstruction isn't being lauded when its been done so half assed and at SEVEN TIMES (and counting) the cost we were told it would be.


The Hud said...

I like how you can hear sirens in the background of the interview.

bulb said...

Whatever one thinks of Schieffer as an anchor, his imprint will be all over the future of the CBS Evening news as he cherry picks his favorite correspondents to talk w/nightly and he loves Lara Logan. I know she's South African, but I wonder if she's part Boer. O.K.; maybe it's the time in a French University which gave her that "Dutch" leaning lilt in her diction, but her CBS news profile does say she speaks Afrikaans. As Danny Glover might say, "Dekaffi(r)nate that!"

Polly said...

generally, i like Schieffer, but his recent work has left much to be desired. a week ago on Face the Nation he interviewed Dick Cheney who was feeding him a line of BS. now i'm not saying he should utterly take him to task, BUT...when the VP claims that 'pretty much' everything he said about iraq (pre-war) had turned out to be true, Schieffer just let it go without even a follow-up question. Look, even the most ardent bush loyalist has to raise an eyebrow at that!