Sunday, March 26, 2006

Lawrence of Arabia (1962)

I Watched this epic again today. you have to devote some time to it, but what a fulfilling movie. I often find myself wishing Alec Guinness was on the screen more since i love ever word he says in this film. knowing that much of the story is true to's a triumph.

SIDENOTE: in this film, all action that takes place 'on the way' in this journey moves from the left to the right of the screen.

My favorite scene? the first meeting with Prince Feisal in his tent.

and from imdb:

*For the 1989 re-release, many scenes of dialog were missing. As a result David Lean actually had 'Peter O'Toole (I)' return and re-record some of his dialog from more than 20 years previously.

*Director Cameo: [David Lean] the voice of the motorcyclist who yells, "Who are you?" across the Suez Canal (he is not, however, the actual motorcyclist).

*To film Omar Sharif's entrance through a mirage, Freddie Young used a special 482mm lens (holy shit!) from Panavision. Panavision still has this lens, and it is known among cinematographers as the "David Lean lens".

*During an appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" (1962) in the 1970s, Peter O'Toole was describing just how long the movie took to make by referring to the scene when Lawrence and Gen. Allenby, after their meeting, continue talking while walking down a staircase. According to O'Toole, part of the scene had to be reshot much later, "so in the final print, when I get to the bottom of the stairs, I'm a year older than I was when I started walking down them."


bulb said...

If you've never seen it ona real big screen you've missed one f those cinema things that need to be experienced at least once.

Polly said...

i haven't and i can completely believe that. i wish i could!

bulb said...

I caugth the re-release on a trip to SF. I'm pout in mind of Dylan's "All Over Baby Blue"