Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Swirly says: "Well, mitt romney's out!"

Mitt Romney is the GOP governor of Massachusetts. He wants to be President and he JUST scored 2nd place in a Straw Poll held in Memphis, TN (behind local Senator Bill Frist). things were looking good, but after this story I just don't know. from the AP:

The governor acknowledged that same-sex couples have a legitimate interest in adopting children, but he said the services Catholic Charities provides are more important than maintaining a faith-blind law.
Sorry mitt. you need to understand. you're in the GOP now. The REAL GOP, not whatever crap passes for the GOP in Massachusetts, and the REAL GOP likes their gays only one way: hated. Sorry Mitt, I have to agree with Swirly. You don't hate gays enough to win over your constituency.

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pinky said...

HA! the truth is ugly, but it's still true.