Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Al Franken is SICK of the US taking it easy on terrorists!

George W. Bush wants to amend our Constitution to make it illegal for gays to marry. But evidently, he has no problem with terrorists getting married. America can't afford a president who is soft on terrorist marriage. Because unlike gays, terrorists can breed.
Thanks swirly.


Joe said...

Al Franken is great! I have all of his books and can't wait to buy his new one.

Polly said...

i got the last one on CD and BOY was it worth it. he does the reading and its even funnier. one better is that he uses (most of the time) the actual audio of the people he's quoting in the book, so you can hear them deliver their own bs in their own words.

I plan to get this one in audio format, as i was so pleased before.