Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Below 50% in Mississippi?

Bush fell below 50% approval in MS last week....and that's a GOOD state for him! he's above 50% in 6 states: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Alaska, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. see it all here or catch the highlights below:

In just the past 30 days, Bush's Net Job Approval has fallen by 10 points or more in:

Texas From Plus 7 to Minus 12, a 19-point drop
South Carolina From Minus 4 to Minus 18, a 14-point drop
Mississippi From Plus 12 to Zero, a 12-point drop
Tennessee From Minus 5 to Minus 17, a 12-point drop
Michigan From Minus 21 to Minus 32, a 12-point drop
Illinois From Minus 23 to Minus 34, an 11-point drop
North Carolina From Minus 5 to Minus 15, a 10-point drop

In key Swing States, Bush's support is eroding among Regular Church Goers. See for example the trendlines in:

New Mexico


Swirly said...

When he hits rock bottom in Wyoming..I'll believe it! Gotta love my peeps in MS and SC for finally getting it!

pinky said...

let's face it, Katrina opened a lot of Bush luvin' eyes. the lower half of this state got screwed and bush's photo ops didn't help. it only made people angrier. shaking someone's hand and telling them to "be strong" and "hang in there" is crappy, and the people of mississippi noticed.

Polly said...

the Prez can't handle it when he's outside of pre-selected, loyalty oath giving groups. The reason? his comments and conversations rarely go beyond his own opinion burried in platitudes. He lives in a bubble and governs as if we are all in the same bubble with him.

pinky said...

if i had a martini in hand, i would toast you.

well said, my friend, well said.