Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miers Withdraws Supreme Court Nomination

She's gone, and who can blame her? The very people that are her party's base have attacked her and humiliated her in a way I have not seen. So angry and venal they were that this choice would not and could not even be heard. The VERY thing the GOP feared and pre-emptively argued against in the John Roberts Nomination is the very thing they did to their own. All the talk of due deference to the President's appointee, the idea that they should at LEAST have an up or down vote, you see...that wasn't real. that was in case the Democrats didn't like the nominee. all such principles went out the window.

this is really the first time the part has turned, not on itself, but on the president. He is most certainly becoming a lame duck. he isn't yet, because i'm convinced it will become worse. I am convinced that bush had no intention of withdrawing her nomination, but rather that it was she who in fact withdrew herself (in reality). Who would withstand such withering public scorn? why would you? there was no appeasing her detractors and they were ruthless...more ruthless than any Democrat.

I'm not happy with this. I wanted Miers. I am certain, from my vantage point, that whomever we get will be much worse.


pinky said...

i was shocked, but not entirely suprised. i believe that she is the one that withdrew, not Bush. from what i have read this morning, she was sick of it. don't blame her.

and you may be right about the next nomination. do you have any ideas who may be in the running?

Polly said...

there are 3 prominent, recent female appointees to the fed. court that are likely. 2 had BAD roads to the bench (controversial) one did not.

all of their names escape me at the moment. i'd pick from them, BUT in the last hour i've gotten this notion that it might be a man.

also, i've joked about this privately, but i have to wonder. if she (Miers) was in charge of the selection process, and i'd assume vetting process, in finding the next judge...well, who was vetting her when she got the nod? nobody?

Polly said...

my money is on Priscilla Owen, Edith Clement, Edith jones, or a hispanic male.

of course, i'm just guessing.