Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Indictments are Coming!

It seems they hit a guy that would be too low on the totem pole for the Conservative spin machine to bother with saving. what's a brother to do? Flip.

The super serious scuttlebutt is that Vice President Cheney’s deputy chief of staff, John Hannah was sent a letter tagging him for indictment and decided to FLIP on the VP's office and give up the goods. I've heard several names batted around for indictment-ville including: Mary Matlin (sorry James), Scooter Libby, Karl Rove, and even DICK Cheney. this kettle is about to blow!

Hotline put together this fine little list of people that have been asked to speak in this investigation. Take a look at these names:

Here's a list of folks who have either testified or have been interviewed by Patrick Fitzgerald (or by FBI agents) in connection with the Plame probe. Please send us omissions and additions and expansions. Anonymity is guaranteed. To repeat: the list below is of those who have been interviewed by officials in connection with the case. Inclusion does not necessarily indicate that the listed person has testified under oath.

  • Bush: Early Summer, 2004 (did not testify under oath)
  • Cheney: Early summer, 2004 (did not testify under oath)
  • Ex-Dep. Sec/State Richard Armitage
  • WH Assist. To. Pres. Dan Bartlett
  • Ex-WH press aide Claire Buchan: Feb. 6, 2004
  • WH COS Andy Card
  • Time's Matt Cooper: July 13, 2005
  • Ex-WH press. sec. Ari Fleischer (at least twice)
  • A.G. Alberto Gonzales: June 18, 2004
  • Ex-DOS BIR dir. Carl Ford
  • NSA Stephen Hadley
  • Ex-CIA comm. dir. Bill Harlow
  • Assis. Sec. of Commerce/Ex-Rove assist. Izzy Hernandez
  • Assist. Sec. of State Karen Hughes
  • Ex-Sec/State counterproliferation offic. Bob Joseph
  • Washington Post's Glenn Kessler
  • Ex junior WH press aide Adam Levine: Feb. 6, 2004
  • Cheney CoS Irving L. "Scooter" Libby (twice)
  • Ex-Cheney adviser Mary Matalin: Late January, 2004
  • Current WH Press Sec. Scott McClellan: Feb, 6, 2004
  • Ex-CIA dep. dir. John McLaughlin
  • Cheney aide Cathie Martin
  • New York Times ' Judy Miller (twice)
  • CIA comm. dir. Jennifer Millerwise (did not go before grand jury)
  • Columnist Bob Novak
  • Ex-Sec/State Colin Powell: July 16, 2004
  • Ex-Abramoff assist./Rove assist. Susan Ralston
  • WH DCoS Karl Rove (4 times)
  • NBC News' Tim Russert
  • Stranger who stopped Novak in the street
  • Ex-CIA dir. George Tenet
  • Sen. Adviser to Sec/State Jim Wilkinson (has said he did not testify)
  • Ex-Amb. Joseph Wilson
On the witness list at one point but never called to tesify:
  • New York Times' Nick Kristoff
"Cooperated" with Fitzgerald:
  • Sec/State Condoleezza Rice
Others believed to have testified:
  • John Hannah, David Wurmser (senior members of Cheney's staff) (Hotline sources)
Other journalists mentioned in press acounts as having initially sparked Fitzgerald's interest:
  • Time's Massimo Calabresi
  • Time's Mike Duffy
  • Time's James Carney
  • NBC's Andrea Mitchell
  • NYTer David Sanger
  • Newsday's Timothy M. Phelps
  • Newsday's Knut Royce
  • Newsweek's Evan Thomas
  • Ex-Postie Mike Allen
  • NBC's Campbell Brown
  • WSJ ed. page. editor Paul Gigot / reporter Greg Hitt
  • Ex-celeb. James Guckert/Jeff Gannon


pinky said...

wow, this is about to blow up. thanks for posting the list, i was wondering who all was connected in this. what's your thoughts?

Polly said...

I say Libby, Rove, Hannah, MAYBE Mary Matlin, and MAYBE Cheney. it has been reported that there will be no 'final report' in this investigation. that implies 2 things: somebody's going to jail. you do final reports to say "i didn't find anything to act on, but this is what i DID find" AND it may leave this investigation open to travel further up the food chain, so to speak.