Monday, October 03, 2005


A conservative group is opposing the newest Bush Nomination. my pal swirly pointed out this press release:

Conservative Group Opposes 'Bush Packing' Appointment of Miers
Mon Oct 03 2005 09:52:34 ET

To National Desk

Contact: Jesse Binnall of the Public Advocate

FALLS CHURCH, Va., Oct. 3 /Christian Wire Service/ -- Public Advocate President Eugene Delgaudio has issued the following statement following the appointment of Harriet Miers to serve on the Supreme Court.

"The President's nomination of Miers is a betrayal of the conservative, pro-family voters whose support put Bush in the White House in both the 2000 and 2004 elections and who were promised Supreme Court appointments in the mold of Thomas and Scalia. Instead we were given 'stealth nominees,' who have never ruled on controversial issues, more in the mold of the disastrous choice of David Souter by this President's father.

"When there are so many proven judges in the mix, it is unacceptable this President has appointed a political crony with no conservative credentials. This attempt at 'Bush Packing' the Supreme Court must not be allowed to pass the Senate and we will forcefully oppose this nomination."

Swirly added:

Do you think they could have shortened this to just say… “ she’s single, probably a lesbian, and has no children thus she is unfit to help our families…for god’s sake..she actually HAD a career!”

It would have been more honest than this


pinky said...

i was hoping that you were going to post to this. i was checking your site EARLY!! so, what's your take on the new nomination??

Polly said...

it's early and i haven't read anything, i understand it, she's never been before any court before and has never been a judge. some of that may prove untrue, but it is an issue.

From what I see she's given money to the Gore campaign (and that may be one of the reason's they picked her, to throw us a bone). She's been the personal (i think) attorney for Bush back in Texas and she's had some prominate positions in the TX bar association (Pres. i think).

While it doesn't mean you'll be a good/bad judge, i tend to like to see that someone has done work representing actual human beings (in any way) in their judicial career. it seems she has not.

As i Understand it, she's got a remarkably short papertrail behind her (Exactly what they want), and a conservative group (above) already came out against her. seems several have siad they don't like her already, but we'll have to see what pans out in the public vetting.

my pal emailed me this info (i think from the LA Times) which i cannot confirm or deny:

A Legal Times profile of Harriet Miers upon her promotion from deputy chief of staff under Andy Card to White House counsel includes information not likely to show up on an official bio, among them:

• She is immensely, perhaps irrationally, into birthdays: "She always remembers everybody's birthday, and has a present for them. She'll be finding a present for somebody in the middle of the night.... 'Can't it wait until next week?' 'No,' she'd say, 'It has to be done now.'"

• She has dated Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht "over the years." [NOTE: Absolutely no other article online mentions this fascinating fact.]

• She's nit-picky micromanager who failed upwards at the White House: "She failed in Card's office for two reasons," the [former White House] official says. "First, because she can't make a decision, and second, because she can't delegate, she can't let anything go. And having failed for those two reasons, they move her to be the counsel for the president, which requires exactly those two talents."

• Not even the president can think of much interesting to say about her: In 1996, at an Anti-Defamation League Jurisprudence Award ceremony, Bush introduced Miers as a "pit bull in Size 6 shoes," a tag line that has persisted through the years, in part because colorful anecdotes or descriptions about Miers are notoriously difficult to find.
ok, that's all i know on monday morning.

pinky said...

i read on that she has never been a judge and that most of her career has been on Bush's coattails. but, i can't seem to find much else on her, either.

yahoo has a listing of remarks made after the nomination. some are good and some are, well, vicious. i guess we'll see.

Polly said...

seems she worked fore a dallas based pro bono outfit called Exodus Ministries which helps criminals to avoid falling back into crime/jail. that's awful promising. the GOP'er seem to be working themselves into a lather bc she's not a firebreather. I understand that the meltdown is sorta severe, to the point where Cheney is going to appear on the limbaugh show today at 1pm to calm the faithful. limbaugh had said that Bush had made the pick 'from weakness' earlier today.

I think there is a bit of over-reaction going on. the Liberals/moderates seem to be mum so far (nothing to talk about?) and the conservatives, in part, are starting to seeth.

Polly said...

also, i tend to agree with what was said over at Atrios.