Friday, October 28, 2005

He's Got a Point

Tom DeLay was quoted this week saying:

"We are witnessing the criminalization of conservative politics."
I tend to agree. the conservative leadership of this country seems to be awash in crime.


pinky said...

um, you know that's not what he meant. but he sure is thinking that the democrats had a slumber party one night and decided to roll his yard. talk about whiny! trying to get everyone removed from the case that even looks democratic just seems, well, pathetic.

Polly said...

he's used to the game being fixed in his favor and he doesn't like it when he can't get in there and twist an arm.

Anonymous said...

sad sad. I am afraid this is becoming the new buzz word for conservatives to confuse the masses. Sadly a lot of not very bright people are going to hear that and ofcourse assume,oh what our reps. are doing is normal and those damn dems. are just whining about it. ;;
Sadly it almost makes me more mad at the American people that believe this crap than those shoveling it.


Polly said...

the saving grace is that the words are diminished when coming from those indicted and even moreso when coming from actual felons.

i hope the crooks go to jail. BTW, if tom delay goes to jail, its a STATE charge so he'll be in there with the robbers, rapists, etc. not in a cushy federal facility.

pinky said...

Scooter just got indicted and you haven't written about it yet?!?


Polly said...

i was away from my computer! i've posted now!